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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Bike Rack Locations

Bike Registration Form (PDF)

Each year the Mankato Police have numerous bikes that are either confiscated or abandoned that they cannot match up with an owner so the bikes end up in their annual sale. If your bike or any other valuables are stolen, a police report can be made online at the City of Mankato's Citizen Online Police Reporting webpage. Please be advised to keep track of your serial #/'s in order to file a report.

Bike Impound Policies (PDF)

Bike Friendly Advisory Group (PDF)

Recycled Bikes Resources

Salvation Army

Each year the abandoned bikes confiscated at MSU are donated to the Salvation Army where they attempt to rebuild the used bikes and provide them free or at discount prices to whomever is in need. For more information contact the Salvation Army @ (612) 756-2173.

Key City Bike