Parking Advisory Committee

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The Parking & Transportation Advisory Committee exists to develop recommendations on all parking, traffic, and transportation policies. It also makes recommendations on lot maintenance projects and budgets of Minnesota State self-sustaining parking and transportation program, including bus services and shuttles. It also designates permit stall locations and permit color assignments, and submits lot development plans for review and modification. The Committee reports to the University President through the Vice President for Finance and Administration (or designee). Each February the Advisory Committee's recommendations affecting the next academic year are presented at the Annual Hearing on Parking Policies, Budget and Capital Improvements - following testimony taken for the public hearing the Committee meets and makes final recommendations to the Administration which then rejects modifies, or approves. Throughout the year the Advisory Committee presents information to groups like the Student Senate and the Budget Submeet & Confer Committee in its effort to solicit feedback on proposals.

Voting members include a representative from: Faculty Association; MSU Association of Administrative and Service Faculty (MSUAASF); the classified employee organizations; Minnesota State Student Association (MSSA); a representative of the Residence Hall Association of the MSSA; and the Administration. Nonvoting ex-officio members include but are not limited to a representative from MMA (Middle Management Association), MAPE (Minnesota Association of Professional Employees), Parking Citation Appeals Board liaison, Student Financial Services, Department of Residential Life, Residence Hall Association, Facilities Management Planning & Construction Department, and Parking & Traffic Services. When regular Advisory Committee members cannot attend a meeting, designated alternates may be used.



Voting Parking & Transportation Advisory Committee Members

Cowan Voting Member
David Cowan, Chair
Facilities Services Office
Wiecking Center 358
(507) 389-5466

Committees: Administration Representative
Voting Member
Patrick Pearce
Physical Plant Office
Weicking Center 330
(507) 389-6804

Classified Employee Representative

Julie Dornack - Alternate

Voting Member
MSU Association of Administrative & Service Faculty (MSUAASF)

Mike Lagerquist
Performing Arts Center
Office: (507) 389-6663

Matt Carlson - Alternate
Rebecca Wegscheid

Voting Member

Rebecca Wegscheid, Senator
Off-Campus Student Association Representative

(218) 640-5966

Tyler Conlon

Voting Member

Tyler Conlon, Senator
Residence Hall Student Association Representative

(641) 583-2594


Voting Member

Nancy Rolfsrud

SU 285
Centennial Student Union
Office: (507) 389-1455

Faculty Association Representative

Ex-Officio Nonvoting Board Members

Stomper Ex-Officio Nonvoting
Board Member
Jodi Orchard

Office: (507) 389-5007

Student Financial Services Representative
Stomper Ex-Officio Nonvoting
Board Member
Sue Edstrom

Office: (507) 389-2111

Parking & Traffic Services Coordinator & Parking Citation Appeals Board Liaison

Ex-Officio Nonvoting
Board Member
Cynthia Janney

Office: (507) 389-1011

Residential Life Office

Tyler Conlon

Ex-Officio Nonvoting Member

Tyler Conlon, President
Residence Hall Student Association

(641) 583-2594


Ex-Officio Nonvoting
Board Member
Nathan Huettl

Office: (507) 389-1027

Planning and Construction


Ex-Officio Nonvoting
Board Member

Shirley Peipho

Office: (507) 389-2223

University Scheduling