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Parking Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes ­ Friday, February 9, 2001

Parking Advisory Chairperson David Cowan convened a regular meeting of the Parking Advisory Committee at 3:12 PM on Friday, February 9, 2001 in the Student Senate's Conference Room at the Centennial Student Union.

Regular PAC Members Present ­ 5 of 6 members
1. Rose Marie Ley AFSCME Council 6, Local 638 Representative
2. David Cowan Administration Representative
3. Scott Hagebak MSUAASF Bargaining Unit Representative
4. C. Rhys Gaffer Alternate for Off-Campus Student Association Representative
Syliva Oelberg
5. Steve Gilbert IFO Faculty Association Representative

Regular PAC Members Absent ­ 1 of 6 members
1. (Vacant) On-Campus Student Association Representative

Ex-officio, Nonvoting Members Present ­ 3 of 7 members
1. Kate Voight Parking Citation Appeals Board Liaison
2. Dave Neve Business Affairs Representative
3. Sue Edstrom Parking and Traffic Services Coordinator

Ex-officio, Nonvoting Members Absent ­ 4 of 7 members
1. Christopher Goettl Residence Hall Association Representative
2. Larry Kohanek Facilities Mgmt. Planning & Construction Manager
3. Diane Solinger Residential Life Office Representative
4. (Vacant) Space Scheduling Liaison

Others in Attendance
1. Perry Wood Urban & Regional Studies Institute Professor
2. Dave Moe Urban & Regional Studies Institute Graduate Student
3. Patrick Rew Urban & Regional Studies Institute Graduate Student.

Meeting Minutes Approved
Without objection the meeting minutes of January 19th were approved as written.

Urban Studies Classroom Survey Project - Follow-up to Parking Consultant Report
Graduate students Dave Moe and Patrick Rew, along with Urban & Regional Studies Institute Professor Perry Wood, briefed PAC members on the scope of the parking study. The study serves as a follow-up to one officially filed last May. It was noted that much has changed since then what with the impact of the Taylor Center opening and the relocation of Admissions from the campus' central core to the Taylor Center on the east end of campus.

At its December 1 session those PAC members present wanted to see specific objectives when they were available. Costs associated with the project would probably not exceed $1,500. Surveys would touch on such topics as: a potential parking ramp customer base; pedestrian/vehicle bottlenecks at intersections; and the impact of eliminating on-street parking stalls. Strategies were shared with the PAC and input was provided by PAC members.

Wood indicated that Urban Studies Advanced Planning Seminar #665 would be the group doing the study. Perry Wood also mentioned that the class was submitting a "mini-grant" request against a $25,000 allotment awarded to MSU's College of Social and Behavioral Sciences allotment from Minnesota State under its system-wide "Learn by Doing" grant program. Of the $3,000 is estimated costs, Moe and Rew indicated that the PAC would only be expected to pick up $1,500.
Proposed Summer 2001 Repairs and Upgrades
PAC members briefly reviewed $250,000 worth of cost estimates provided by Bolten and Menk dealing with repairs and lot upgrades that could be made this summer lot repair work for next summer. The over $250,000
Tab was viewed as too expensive and a "budget buster" for the Parking Program. The Committee agreed to review the options at greater length in its next meeting, but all agreed that one of the projects noted

Add curb to west side of Lot 1.
No curb exists today on the west side of Lot 1 (behind Gage Center) and Parking &
Traffic Services is burdened with issuing tickets for vehicles parking on the grass.

Replace lighting in Lot 1.
Reuse the 50' concrete poles salvaged from Lot
8 and 16 and install new shoebox heads. Lot 1 lighting has
been cobbled together from recycled lighting and is becoming
unreliable - it has never provided an adequate level of lighting.

Add curbs only to Lot 23 (free lot).
Curbs on four sides of Lot 23 (free lot) would help control illegal parkers who park on the grass.
The investment would not be as costly as providing a hard surface on the gravel lot - MSU
would still need to pave and install permanent lighting in the future.

Overlay lot 7.
The master plan for Residential Life shows Lot 7 (tennis court lot) as a future
site for a residence hall with Phase 2 of their proposed apartment
construction project which is 8-10 years out.

Overlay Lot 4A.
In 1996 when Lot 4 and 4a were reconstructed, Lot 4a (Gold Permit lot)
had only an asphalt base coarse. An overlay is now needed to finish the project.

Patch and sealcoat Lot 13 (West of McElroy I Hall ,
Carkoski Commons, and Crawford A Hall.
Residential. Life may be building on the east end of this lot in 3-5 years but this investment
is necessary to maintain the integrity of the existing driving surface.

Parking Enforcement Equipment Need
Sue Edstrom, Parking & Traffic Services Coordinator, warned PAC members that the computerized handheld units used to issue parking citations needed to be retired and replaced. The existing system is 15 years old and its supporting software is failing. She's checking on replacement costs but believes the PAC should be prepared for a $103,000 tab. PAC members asked about a lease/purchase option.

Without objection, the meeting was adjourned at 4:09 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

David Cowan, Chairperson
Parking Advisory Committee