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Parking Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes ­ Thursday, February 17, 2000

Chairperson David Cowan convened a regular meeting of the Parking Advisory committee at 11:08 on Thursday, February 17, 2000, in room 103 of the Centennial Student Union.

Regular PAC Members Present ­ 6 of 6 members
1. Rose Marie Ley - AFSCME Council 6, Local 638 Representative
2. David Cowan - Administration Representative
3. Catherine W. Hughes - MSUAASF Bargaining Unit Representative
4. Christine Adams - Off- Campus Student Association Representative (both Adams and Jesse Palmer share the seat; one is an alternate)
5. Steve Gilbert - IFO Faculty Association Representative
6. Ian Radtke - On- Campus Student Assn. Representative

Regular PAC Members Absent ­ 0 of 6 members

Ex-officio, Nonvoting ­ Members Present ­ 5 of 7 members
1. Sue Edstrom - Parking and Traffic Services Coordinator
2. Kate Voight - Parking Citation Appeals Board Coordinator
3. Christopher Goettl - Residence Hall Association Representative
4. David Neve - Business Affairs Representative
5. Scott Hagebak - Conference Scheduling Liaison

Members Absent ­ 2 of 7 members
1. Larry Kohanek - Facilities Construction Project Manager
2. Diane Solinger - Residential Life Office Representative

Others in Attendance
1. Gerard Aloisio - Music Department Faculty Member
2. Thomas Bliese - Theatre & Dance Department Faculty Member

Approval of Agenda
Without abjection PAC members approved the agenda for February 17th meeting.

Approval of Past Meeting Minutes ­ December 2, 1999
It was noted that Ian Radtke had been appointed to the vacant seat for the on-campus Student Association representative and the minutes of December 2, 1999, should reflect that fact. Christopher Goettl, current Chairperson of the Residence Hall Association, is now serving in the ex-officio nonvoting seat formerly occupied by Ian Radtke. With those changes, the PAC approve the December 2 minutes as corrected.

Lot 16 Related Stall Needs of Theatre/Dance and Music Departments
Professor Gerard Aloisio alerted the PAC to the varied and many functions Lot 16 parking stalls now address. Calling patron access t Lot 16 a "lifeline for the arts," Aloisio noted that a large number of Music recitals and community-wide productions are generated through the use of the 350 seats in the E.J. Halling Recital Hall. The Mankato Symphony also practices at the Performing Arts Center in the lower level. He stated that an older age group were consistent spectators of Music and theatre events. There are now over 20 MSU concerts and a large number of rehearsals of the Mankato Symphony.

Theatre & Dance's Thomas Bliese noted there are 529 seats in the Ted Paul Theatre with another 225 seats in the soon-to-be-opened Andreas Theatre. Bliese observed that both Music and Theatre are "victims of their success" as their growing "every night" spectator parking needs were running up against the needs of night class students.

Though the needs of these academic and activity programs are important, Cathy Hughes reminded other PAC members of the nearby overnight parking needs of McElroy and Crawford residence hall students who drive. Most of the 350 people who now park in the Lot20a discount lot are McElroy/Crawford residents and there is concern that many people are a 15 minute walk from their residence hall complex. Existing nighttime bus schedules and the late night 15 passenger van shuttle are fine but they don't serve anyone.

Bliese and Aloisio argued that Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday evenings were heavy music activity nights, while Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were days of the week where some kind of theatre activity would be occurring. Andreas Theatre would have productions on Wednesday.

PAC member Steve Gilbert noted existing spectators to such events park free if they can find an empty parking space, making parking particularly difficult on Wednesdays. As a way to generate additional revenue for lot expansion, could Theatre and Music consider adjusting their ticket prices to incorporate a hidden parking fee? Gilbert asked.

Bliese let the PAC know that several full time positions are funded from theatre gate receipts and poor parking would seriously jeopardize Theatre's cash flow. The bulk of Theatre's spectator base in from the Southern Minnesota Are and those are the supporters who helped build the privately financed Andreas Theatre building.

PAC member Scott Hagebak reminded those present should a one deck ramp be built on top of Lot 16 that way s would have to be found to recover the estimated $5,000 to $7,000 per stall it would take to built such a structure. At least $500 to $600 per stall would be needed each year by those willing to pay for contract "permit parking".

If a one-deck parking ramp were ruled out because of cost, some PAC members felt that the University should consider other options like the purchase of nearby privately owned property where houses could be removed to make way for a surface parking lot. (This "suggestion is now a formal recommendation.)

PAC members thanked faculty member Aloisio and Bliese for their insights to the competing needs facing Lot 16 parking stalls.

Rich & Associated Parking consultant ­ Planned Itinerary
Chairperson Cowan reported that parking consultant Dave Birr arrives on campus Monday afternoon, February 21, and will return to Michigan on Wednesday, February 23. Committee members made suggestions and Cowan agreed to circulate a draft itinerary prior to Burr's arrival. It was important that time be set-aside for Burr to meet with Admissions, Residential Life, bargaining unite leaders, student leaders, Athletics, Conference Scheduling Office, Barnes & Nobel, etc. Especially important would be to insure that Burr was aware of both short-term and long-term new campus building initiatives. The consultant will also review parking capacity is needed and where. (Estimated cost for the parking consultant's report is tagged at $12,420.)

Proposal to Divide Performing Arts Lot 16
PAC member Ian Radtke moved the PAC recommend to the Administration that next year Lot 16 be divided with concrete barricades in such a way to ensure a fixed number of Lot 16's 597 stall be committed to Green Permit residence hall permit holders. (Existing mix: 113 Gold, 4 handicap, 1 University Operations, 1 vendor, 1 Theatre Arts, 4 Music, 1 Motorcycle, and 472 devoted to purple and green permit holders.) Without objection, the motion was tabled until the PAC's next meeting on March 23.

Without objection the meeting was adjourned at 11:41 A.M.

Respectfully submitted,

David Cowan

Next Regular Meeting -


23 March 2000

11 A.M. in CSU