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Parking Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes ­ Thursday, April 27, 2000

Chairperson David Cowan convened a regular meeting of the Parking Advisory committee at 11:05 AM on Thursday, April 20, 2000 in the Student Senate's Conference Room (Student Union Room #280).

Regular PAC Members Present ­ 4 of 6 members
1. Rose Marie Ley - AFSCME Council 6, Local 638 Representative
2. David Cowan - Administration Representative
3. Catherine W. Hughes - MSUAASF Bargaining Unit Representative
4. C. Rhys Gaffer - Proxy for Off- Campus Student Association Representative
(Jesse Palmer & Christine Adams share the seat; one is an alternate)

Regular PAC Members Absent ­ 2 of 6 members
1. Steve Gilbert - IFO Faculty Association Representative
2. Ian Radtke - On- Campus Student Assn. Representative

Ex-officio, Nonvoting ­ Members Present ­ 4 of 7 members
1. David Neve - Business Affairs Representative
2. Scott Hagebak - Conference Scheduling Representative
3. Kate Voight - Parking Citation Appeals Board Coordinator
4. Diane Solinger - Residential Life Office Representative

Members Absent ­ 3 of 7 members
1. Christopher Goettl - Residence Hall Association Representative
2. Larry Kohanek - Facilities Mgmt. Planning & Construction Manager
3. Sue Edstrom - Parking and Traffic Services Coordinator

Others in Attendance
1. Jim Schramski - Paylot Attendant

Agenda Approved
Without objection the agenda was approved with the elimination of item "3" which dealt with approval of the April 20th meeting minutes which were not ready for distribution.

Approval of Past Meeting Minutes Postponed ­ March 31, April 6, and April 20
The meeting minutes of March 31, April 6, and April 20 were not available for review. April 13th meeting minutes have been approved and are on the Parking Program's website.

Parking Consultant Preliminary Draft ­ Last Chance for Input
PAC members were invited to submit any final observations or comments directly to Rich & Associates consultant Dave Burr relative to his "draft" preliminary report received Friday, April 7. PAC Chairperson David Cowan already forwarded a number of suggestions in an April 11th email to Burr. Advisory Committee members agreed that additional detail on Lot 16 from the consultant would be helpful, particularly his ideas on short-term solutions as well as long term solutions to the parking crunch on the northern end of the campus.

Members understood that the primary reason parking funds continue to underwrite busing costs is tied to the PAC's concern to limit the number of vehicles needed to be parked on campus.

Construction Impact on Parking Capacity
Scott Hagebak moved that the Administration, as a routine part of construction planning, include the estimated cost of replacing parking stalls lost due to the development of new buildings. It is recommended that such replacement costs be included in whatever financing package is developed for each project. Motion passed.

MSU Campus Express Bus Service ­ Ridership Statistics
Members then reviewed ridership statistics provided by the City of Mankato's Heartland Express Bus Service.
It was noted for 1999-2000 that of the City's increase of 52,248 ridership instances, 47,612 occurred on MSU's Routes #1 and #8. PAC members expect that the 2000-01 contract between MSU and Heartland Express will reflect the impact of federal and state ridership subsidies given to the City which in part were generated by those using Routes #1 and #8. Route #1 runs from the campus core to nearby apartment complexes and back; Route #8 runs from the campus core back and forth through the distant parking lots (lots 20, 21, 22, and 23).

Paylot Demand Increase ­ Recommendations to Deal With Customer Demand
PAC members were brought up-to-date on the number of days this academic year when Paylot Attendant Jim Schramski had to turn people away because the visitors' paylot (Lot 4) was full. Since January 18th, there were 44 days where customers were turned away. The success of Admissions in bringing student prospects to campus has put an additional burden on the 191 paylot stalls available.

PAC members understand in October, when Admissions moves over to the Taylor Center, that Admissions customers may be directed to parking in front of the new Taylor Center thus making it easier for others to park in the visitors paylot. Scott Hagebak indicated that there may be little relief from the Admissions move to the Taylor Center as most of these student prospects and their families have activities scheduled by Admissions in the Student Union.

Without objection, the PAC agreed to recommend that the existing "Paylot Full" electronic sign be relocated so it can be clearly seen by traffic on South Road as well as Ellis Avenue. It was also agreed that a sign be posted on that Paylot Full sign which would direct visitors to the Lot 21 where they could use the paybox machine.

2000-01 Gold Permit Drawing ­ Update on Monday, April 24 Double Blind Drawing
PAC Chairperson David Cowan reported that 734 students and MSU employees had submitted gold permit drawing applications by Friday, April 21 at 5 PM. Of that number 619 had been automatically been "placed" in either their first, second, or third choice gold permit lot. Of the remaining 115, thanks to the negotiating skills of personnel at The Hub, 67 more gold lot drawing participants were placed in larger gold lots which had vacancies. A summary report was circulated to the Advisory Committee with showed that out of 820 gold permits available, 686 had been committed, leaving 134 permits, more than enough to address the needs of 48 permit holders still not happy they did not get their first, second or third choice gold lot. On Monday morning, April 24h, those who actually pulled the drawing sequence numbers and cross matched the names included: Student Association President-Elect Chris Boyce; Student Association Vice President-Elect Tim Huebsch; and Office Support Services staffer Nancy Logan.

Future Gold Permit Drawings - Point Credits for Years of Service
PAC members agreed to review a proposal whereby a three point credit for each year an employee worked for MSU would be subtracted from that person's gold permit drawing sequence number, lowering it which might be enough to better ensure that the person would get into a preferred gold permit lot for the following Fall. Concern was expressed about how complicated such a formula would be to administer quickly and whether student permit holders would be unfairly left out of the process. PAC members wanted to check with their respective constituencies so no action was taken.

Without objection the meeting was adjourned at 12:09 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

David Cowan