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Parking Advisory Committee
1/19/01 Corrected
Meeting Minutes ­ Friday, November 10, 2000

Parking Advisory Chairperson David Cowan convened a regular meeting of the Parking Advisory Committee at 3 PM on Friday, November 10, 2000 in the Student Senate's Conference Room at the Centennial Student Union.

Regular PAC Members Present ­ 5 of 6 members
1. Rose Marie Ley AFSCME Council 6, Local 638 Representative
2. David Cowan Administration Representative
3. Catherine W. Hughes MSUAASF Bargaining Unit Representative
4. Sylvia Oelberg Off-Campus Student Association Representative
5. Steve Gilbert IFO Faculty Association Representative

Regular PAC Members Absent ­ 1 of 6 members
1. (Vacant) On-Campus Student Association Representative

Ex-officio, Nonvoting Members Present ­ 4 of 7 members
1. Kate Voight Parking Citation Appeals Board Liaison
2. Dave Neve Business Affairs Representative
3. Scott Hagebak Space Scheduling Liaison
4. Sue Edstrom Parking and Traffic Services Coordinator

Ex-officio, Nonvoting Members Absent ­ 3 of 7 members
1. Christopher Goettl Residence Hall Association Representative
2. Larry Kohanek Facilities Mgmt. Planning & Construction Manager
3. Diane Solinger Residential Life Office Representative

Others in Attendance
1. C. Rhys Gaffer Student Observer

Agenda Approved

Without objection the agenda for the meeting was approved.

Meeting Minutes Approved

Without objection, the meeting minutes of October 27 were approved as corrected.

Student On-Campus Representative Vacancy

Cathy Hughes asked when the student on-campus representative vacancy would be filled. Sylvia Oelberg responded indicating that the Student Association President Chris Boyce was working on the appointment.

Paylot Attendant's Booth Update

Dave Neve reported that the drawing workup for the new paylot attendant's booth was completed by Larry Kohanek's office. Cowan announced that Kohanek had just told him that President Rush recently approved the new design. The PAC has a long standing commitment to pay for the cost of the booth's replacement up to

- 1 -

Formalizing PAC Jurisdiction Issues
As a follow-up to October 27 discussions on jurisdictional questions, Sylvia Oelberg moved :

That the Committee's charge be reviewed to determine if the current mission
of the Parking Advisory Committee is accurate. As the PAC has handled issues
and concerns beyond the current mission statement, it is further requested that a
traffic and safety component be considered as part of the mission and charge of
the PAC.

During discussion of the Oelberg motion it was noted that the PAC's mission as stated in the parking handbook now reads:
Our mission is to provide parking and transportation alternatives to meet the needs of the
students, faculty, staff and guests of the campus.

The Parking Advisory Committee has handled parking lot concerns, dealt with bike rack inventory and placement, paid for pedestrian/traffic control at sensitive interactions, initiated the Route 8 bus service, created the Red Eye Shuttle to and from Lot 20, etc. The PAC has recently "partnered" with the Administration in such projects as the Ellis Avenue makeover to enhance traffic circulation in front of the paylot and at the west end of the Ellis/Stadium Road intersection. The PAC, together with the Administration and the Student Union, is in the process of buying six new bike racks. The PAC has also listened to complaints about and made recommendations on traffic flow, speeders, pedestrian walkway issues, etc.

The Parking & Traffic Guidelines handbook also contains policies on in-line skating, skateboards, and bicycles.

Sue Edstrom, Parking and Traffic Services Coordinator, stated that before the PAC seriously considers formally taking on a multitude of vehicle and pedestrian safety concerns, then it should meet with University Security.
[The responsibilities of Parking and Traffic Services Officers, as well as their coordinator, are spelled out in job descriptions which are tied to compensation schedules. At the very least, major changes would carry a increase in salary liability for the Parking Program. Existing University Security staff attempt to address many of the concerns being discussed. For example, the Vice President for Student Affairs, working with University Security, has planned a special pedestrian issue awareness program for this coming spring.]

Gilbert again stated that if these speeding issues and sidewalk pedestrian concerns are to continue then the PAC's name should be changed and its mission modified to incorporate "traffic and pedestrian safety" in its text. If the PAC formally changes its name, Gilbert recommended that it be made clear with some kind of disclaimer that the University's General M&E Fund should not escape responsibility for certain traffic and pedestrian control costs. MSU only owns certain streets and efforts to have a uniform speed zone fail when they run up again speed zones for streets owned by Blue Earth County and the City of Mankato.

It was then agreed to table the Oelberg motion to allow for further discussion.

Without objection, the meeting was adjourned at 4:03 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

David Cowan, Chairperson
Parking Advisory Committee