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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Parking Advisory Committee

Meeting Notes ­ Friday, December 1, 2000 1/19/01 Corrected

Parking Advisory Chairperson David Cowan convened an informal session of the Parking Advisory Committee at 3 PM on Friday, December 1, 2000 in the Student Senate's Conference Room at the Centennial Student Union. No quorum was present. (David Cowan, Rose Marie Ley, and Scott Hagebak were in attendance.)

Parking Stall Table Update Circulated
Chair David Cowan circulated an 18 column update of the where parking stalls are located on campus.

Safety Committee/PAC Partnership Urged
Those PAC members present were in agreement that the Safety Committee be encouraged to join with the PAC to try to lessen the potential for pedestrian injury in crossing streets within the campus. It was understood that the Safety Committee properly concerns itself with the expressed needs of classified employees under the AFSCME bargaining unit contract, but those employees also cross streets and most are well aware that too many vehicles use excessive speed.

City's Traffic and Safety Committee Nixes 20 MPH Zone Request of PAC
Those PAC members present talked about the City's Traffic and Safety Committee decision on the PAC's recommendation to place a 20 MPH zone on all the campus streets. According to an email from the City's Traffic and Safety Committee:

. . . The Committee noted the use of the 20 MPH school zones seem to work when a
police officer is present, but in general, most people don't obey the 20 MPH
speed limit. It would be difficult to enforce an additional 20 MPH zone around MSU
campus. It was also noted that it would take an official order from the Commissioner
of Transportation to change the speed limit from a 30 MPH to a 20 MPH zone, The
Committee felt that long term, the campus should look at streets which are adjacent to
thecampus to make them more pedestrian friendly. Therefore, the Committee was
concerned and sympathetic but took no action recommending any 20 MPH zone.

The City's Traffic & Safety Committee was responding to this PAC action:

Without objection the PAC recommended that the Administration work with the City of
Mankato's Traffic and Safety Committee to get the City Council to okay a 20 MPH speed
limit on MSU owned streets. [MSU owned streets include South Road, West Road, and
those parts of Maywood and Ellis Avenue that fall within the University's jurisdiction.]
If approved, consideration should also be given to the installation of appropriate signage
and the incorporation of other measures such as rumble strips which would serve to reduce
vehicle speed on MSU owned streets.

Red Eye Shuttle Statistics Shared
PAC Chair David Cowan circulated a preliminary report showing ridership of the Red Eye Shuttle
Which runs 8 PM ­ 12 Midnight Monday-Thurday and 5 PM to 10 PM on Sundays. The shuttle is a 15 passenger van which circulates between the three residence halls and Lot 20a across from Blakeslee Stadium.

Urban Studies Classroom Survey Project - Follow-up to Parking Consultant Report
PAC Chair David Cowan briefed those present on what he believed to be a proposal being development by Perry Wood, Professor from the Urban & Regional Studies Institute. No objection was expressed to the general idea of the class project, however, PAC members wanted to see specific objectives. Costs associated with the project would probably not exceed $1,500. Surveys would touch such topics as: a potential parking ramp customer base;
pedestrian/vehicle bottlenecks at intersections; and the impact of eliminating on-street parking stalls.

Adjournment -Without objection, the informal session ended at 3:40 PM.