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Parking Advisory Committee Revised 5/25/00
Meeting Minutes ­ Thursday, May 18, 2000

A regular meeting of the Parking Advisory Committee was convened by Chairperson David Cowan convened at 11:05 AM on Thursday, May 18, 2000, in the Student Senate's Conference Room (Student Union Room #280).

Regular PAC Members Present ­ 4 of 6 members
1. Rose Marie Ley AFSCME Council 6, Local 638 Representative
2. David Cowan Administration Representative
3. Catherine W. Hughes MSUAASF Bargaining Unit Representative
4. C. Rhys Gaffer Off-Campus Student Association Representative
(Proxy for Jesse Palmer)

Regular PAC Members Absent ­ 2 of 6 members
1. Steve Gilbert IFO Faculty Association Representative
2. Ian Radtke On- Campus Student Assn. Representative

Ex-officio, Nonvoting ­ Members Present ­ 2 of 7 members
1. David Neve Business Affairs Representative
2. Sue Edstrom Parking and Traffic Services Coordinator

Members Absent ­ 5 of 7 members
1. Christopher Goettl Residence Hall Association Representative
2. Larry Kohanek Facilities Mgmt. Planning & Construction Manager
3. Scott Hagebak Conference Scheduling Representative
4. Kate Voight Parking Citation Appeals Board Coordinator
5. Diane Solinger Residential Life Office Representative

Others in Attendance
1. Nathan Lueck PAC Recording Secretary

Approval of Agenda
Without objection the meeting agenda was approved.

Approval of Minutes of Prior Meeting
The meeting minutes of the PAC's May 4th session were not yet prepared so could not be approved.

Chairman's Report
Chairperson Cowan reported that the Sign Shop had already replaced many of the "free summer parking" signs with purple and green parking signs well in advance of the May 22 begin date for Summer Session. Summer gold signs are also in the process of being installed - "Summer Gold" permits can only be purchased ($10) by former purple permit holders. Summer Gold permits are allowed to park in Lot 11a, Lot 4a, South Road (West), Arboretum strip, and Lot 7. The new parking color-coded maps have also been printed. The 2000-01 edition of the parking handbook is not yet ready, however.

Cowan indicated that he was preparing to submit a work order to install three parking meters to better serve the short-term needs of customers using the Memorial Library and/or Barnes & Noble bookstore customers. He also was planning to have two meters installed in Lot 14's green permit area (nine green stalls now exist) to deal with loading and unloading demands of residence hall students living at the extreme far ends of their respective residence hall (McElroy E-Hall, and Crawford C-Hall).

Rose Marie Ley moved to have one parking meter put in the northeast corner of Lot 11 (next to the handicap stalls adjacent to Memorial Library) and two meters installed in Lot 11a on its northeast corner. Motion carried.

Permit Order ­ Design Changes
Sue Edstrom commented on the parking permit order for 2000-01 which had been written up and submitted to the Purchasing Department by David Cowan. Sue had proofed the order's specifications. PAC members discussed the type of design they would like for future annual purchases of parking permits. It was suggested that the parking permit design be on a six year rotation.

Consultant's Report Overview (Parking Systems Analysis, Final Report--May 2000)
The final report submitted by Rich & Associates was reviewed in a preliminary way. PAC members noted significant changes from the "rough" draft forwarded April 7.

David Cowan stated that he would like to see this particular report posted on the the website maintained by the Parking Program so it could be read at the community's leisure. The committee then reviewed the report's Executive Summary (pg. 1-1), which consisted of 7 items.

An as alternative to building an expensive parking garage/ramp, Item 6 suggests purchasing adjacent properties to Lot 16 in order to develop them as surface parking. Cowan indicated that such a suggestion should be taken into account when preparing the 2002 Bonding Bill. Prior to any such action, community leaders and affected property owners would be approached and fully engaged in whatever process was pursued. It was clear that the parking budget could not now afford to purchase any land near the Performing Arts Center, let alone build an expensive parking ramp.

One PAC member felt that if the University did purchase property on Dillon Avenue just east of the Performing Arts Center, a parking lot should not be built immediately in case another building like a classroom or some other building would be more viable. The consultant also praised the good work of the Parking and Traffic Services department for demonstrated even enforcement of all parking policies. In issue 7, the PAC's 3-division parking management model was commended as "a viable system of checks and balances for development of an equitable and appropriate parking system."

Consultant's Recommendations
While discussing the consultant's suggestions regarding the re-striping of Lot 16, several ideas were brought up. First, the grounds crew would like a layout that would keep snow removal as simple as possible. In addition, Sue Edstrom mentioned that parking enforcement in Lot 16 would be easier if the differing permit types were separated by gaps in the parking stalls. Rose Marie Ley moved that a summary of the different striping layouts for Lot 16 be colorized and copied. Specifically, the summary should include a breakdown of how many and what kind (gold, purple, handicap, etc.) of stalls each layout has to offer. Motion carried. Sue Edstrom agreed to put it together. The committee requested that the locations of light poles be put on diagrams.

A new plan was discussed for giving Lot 20a permit holders priority on regular green permit waiting lists if they meet certain criteria. This criterion may consist of an exceptional driving arrangement, special work hours, or frequent Doctor appointments. It was noted that formulating a fair and effective criterion would be difficult.

Rose Marie Ley moved that the PAC support the expansion of the campus bus service to go to more off campus locations such the bottom of Stadium Road. As part of the expansion, the service should become more friendly, convenient, consistent, and student-oriented. Ley felt that longer hours and better advertising might help to achieve this. David Cowan suggested using a 15-passenger bus for this expansion because of its lower cost to operate. One committee member felt that Student Services should pick up the extra expense instead of having the Parking Program pay for it. The committee decided Heartland Express should be contacted about extending routes and the times they run. MSU ridership is strong and increasing which will help in working out a new contract. No formal action was taken on the Ley motion ­ it was tabled.

Cathy Hughes speculated that the Residence Hall Association did not complain about the price increase for green permits because more stalls in Lot 16 were promised.

Rose Marie Ley asked where the cardiac-rehabilitation participants are using MSU facilities, and if they are, where are they parking. The committee then discussed putting parking meters in the Green Lot by Crawford C in order to accommodate moving, drop-offs, and pick-ups.

The next meeting was set for Thursday, May 25th at 1:00 PM. Without objection the meeting was adjourned at 12:12 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Nathan Lueck, PAC Recording Secretary