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Emergencies After Hours - Contact University Security directly by phone: 507-389-2111.

Gold Permit Drawing - Application Window

Application Window Open: April 12th thru April 24th.

Window activates Thursday, April 12th - the drawing is not a "first come, first served" environment so the first person through the application gate does not get their first choice unless the double blind drawing produces that result.

Drawing April 25th. Participants notified April 27th by email. Application dates delayed because of the review process required to deal with recommended hikes in permit rates and fine values.

Annual Parking Hearing Testimony Received March 14

Parking Advisory Committee members listen to testimony provided at March 14, 2012, Annual Hearing on Parking Policies, Budget, and Capital Improvements. In this photo (from left to right): David Cowan (PAC Chairperson), Mike Ramirez, David Schieler, Jodi Orchard, Sue Edstrom, Roberta Spangenberg, and Mike Lagerquist. Not pictured but present at the hearing include PAC member Autumn Hamilton, and Marty Rost.

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“Green Transportation Fee” Vote Wins Support but Fails Minimum Ballot Requirement

The Tuesday, April 10, 2012, Student General Election saw students cast 1,161 ballots in favor (72%) of the Green Transportation Fee "initiative," 293 (18%) against, with 167 (10%) abstentions. However, the "initiative" required a ballot participation minimum of 1,624 ballots based on 50% of the 3,248 ballots cast in the April Student General Election held last year. Though the Student Senate favored the proposal it cannot overturn the referendum result. University President Richard Davenport may or may not elect to take up the issue of a Green Transportation Fee, a fee proposal knocked down by a prior student election participation requirement included within Article X - Section 1 of the Constitution of the Minnesota State Student Association (MSSA).

At its Wednesday, March 21, meeting the Student Senate gave a favorable nod to what is now known as the "Green Transportation Fee" proposal. Passage meant unlimited free rides on-campus and throughout Mankato and North Mankato by just showing your MavCard. The nighttime Stomper Express service would double and James Avenue residents would receive nighttime service, as well.

The proposed 75 cents per credit hour fee for students would have allowed for the expansion of existing bus routes and bike rack upgrades. A MavCard would be all that is needed to ride. No longer needed would be the semester or 30-day bus passes or ride fares for any MSU leased bus or buses on city-wide routes. Current 200,000 rides (eight months of academic year) would increase as a result of easier access and expanded services. The Parking Advisory Committee is unable to meet expansion demands for busing and still take care of its parking lot priority needs.

The proposal was formally reviewed February 28th by Student Allocations Committee. SAC action is pending. On February 2nd the Parking Advisory Committee recommended that a 75 cents per credit hour mandatory fee be established for free unlimited bus rides on campus and throughout city. If approved by the Administration, a projected $262,500 would be collected annually which would free up $195,000 now dedicated to busing from parking permit revenue allowing parking permit funds to be used to address looming parking lot resurfacing needs, particularly in Lot 16 (Performing Arts lot $1.3 million) and in back of Gage (Lot 1 $951,600).

The Green Transportation Fee would have also allow for the expansion of existing bus routes to include nighttime coverage for James Avenue and add Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays to the Stomper Express (now 6 PM-11 PM Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, back and forth to the River Hills Mall and Wal-Mart area). The possibility of Monks Avenue service remains to be discusssed as well..

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2012-13 Permit Application Gate - Purple($174); Orange($124); or Lot 13, 14, 16 Residence Hall Green Permits($224); or Discount Dark Green Permits for Residence Hall renters parking in Gage Lots 1, 2, 3 ($174).

Gold permits for 2012-13 will be distributed according to the results of a Gold Permit Drawing which takes place April 25th with Gold Drawing applicants notified via email by Friday April 27, 2012.

Forgot what your Gold Area Code Number means? See Gold Permit Areas, Location Codes & Map used in April 2011 Gold Drawing for FY'12.

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Special Bus Keychain - Use Rules

A Special Bus Keychain is provided to those buying a purple, orange, or dark green permit. When traveling through campus, this bus keychain provides a free bus ride between the campus core buildings and distant MSU parking lots. The bus keychain is not honored if presented in the Free Lot (Lot 23) as that lot is designed for non-permit holder use - permit holders should be parked in Lot 20, 20a, 21, and 22. If a non-permit holder wants to ride a bus, they should buy a $45 semester bus pass, a $16 thirty day bus pass, or pay $0.50 per ride within the "U-Zone". The bus keychain privilege is designed for only on-campus use - keychain users wanting to ride to an off-campus location can expect to pay $0.50 per ride as the keychain is invalid in such circumstances.
Purple Permit - Lots 20 North, Lot 20 South, Lot 21 North, Lot 17 West, and Malin Curbside. Purple permits available April 12th for 2012-13. Permit effective August 27, 2012. 9 month Academic Year permit. $ 174
Nighttime Purple Permit - Lots 20 North, Lot 20 South, Lot 21 North, Lot 17 West, and Malin Curbside. Nighttime Purple permits available April 12th for 2012-13. Permit effective August 27, 2012. 9 month Academic Year permit. $ 94
Fall Semester Nighttime Gold (Must have Purple or Orange) Plenty Available - Kicks in at 4 PM Monday through Thursdays. $ 26
Orange Permit - Lot 21 South, Lot 22 South & North Orange permits available April 12th for 2012-13. Permit effective August 27, 2012. 9 month Academic Year permit. $ 124
Residence Hall Room Renter - Light Green Permit - Lot 13 Light Green Permits for 2012-13. 9 month Academic Year permit. $ 224
Residence Hall Room Renter - Light Green Permit - Lot 14 Light Green Permits for 2012-13. 9 month Academic Year permit. $ 224
Residence Hall Room Renter - Light Green Permit - Lot 16 Light Green Permits for 2012-13. 9 month Academic Year permit. $ 224
Residence Hall Room Renter - Dark Green Discount Permit - Gage Zone (Lot 1, Lot 2, Lot 3, Ellis Ave. South curbside stalls by Gage A Tower). Discount Dark Green Permits for 2012-13. 9 month Acadmic Year permit. $ 174
Handicap Blue Permit 12 Month Permit for 2012-13. $ 124
Motorcycle/Scooter Silver Sticker (any licensed motorized unit; all must park in motorcycle/scooter parking zones, not in or near bike racks) During winter months motorcycle/scooter stalls converted for other uses. ($50 if the buyer doesn't have a regular permit. $25 if they also possess regular vehicle parking permit.) $ 50
$ 25


Student Senate's "Hertz Connect" Car Rental - New Transportation Option

Effective October 8th, a new program is being launched by the Minnesota State Student Association which has a contract with Hertz providing for two rental vehicles - a Ford SUV Escape and a Toyota Prius hybrid. These vehicles can be rented out "electronically" by MSU students. It is anticipated that the target audience for the venture are primarily those without vehicles, including a number of international students and students living in residence halls.

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Early Bird Gets the Free Lot

'Late' Arrivals Can Buy $124 Orange Permit or use Visitors Pay Lot (Lot 4)

With parking enforcement currently in effect, those who haven't yet purchased a parking permit can park in the free lot (lot 23). However, the free lot fills up by 8:00 AM and stays full until about 3:30 PM Monday through Thursday. If you're not an early bird, a $124 ($62 spring semester) Orange Permit can be purchased at the Cashiers Window (1st floor, Wigley Administration Building).

For those finding Lot 23 (Free Lot) full, you are welcome to use Lot 21's Paybox machine to receive a Lot 21 Purple dashboard ticket (near the Lot 21 bus shelter). Use quarters to activate the Paybox machine and and buy increments of 15 minutes for 25 cents each ($1 per hour minimum).

Another option is the Visitors Pay Lot (Lot 4) located across the street from the Centennial Student Union (CSU). The cost for parking here is $3 for the first hour, and $2 for each hour thereafter. This lot is only open from 7:00 AM to 10:30 PM, Monday - Thursday and 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Fridays.

Bus Permit Purchase - 2011-12 Rates: $45 Semester City-Wide Pass; $16 for 30 Day City-Wide Pass

Are you looking to purchase bus pass? Click here to purchase your pass online today! If you are not sure if you would want a pass or not, check out the bus route maps by clicking here.

Parking Transit Expense

Transit Expense Account Information

Scooter and Motorcycle Parking (Not Available During Winter Months)

  • Lot 15 in front of McElroy has Motorcycle/Scooter stalls.
  • Lot 7 across from the Bud Myers Field House has Motorcycle/Scooter stalls.
  • Lot 16 southwest corner has Motorcycle/Scooter stalls.
  • Lot 18 southeast corner has Motorcycle/Scooter stalls.
  • Lot 13 in the "U" Crawford entrance.
  • Lot 1 southwest corner of Gage B Tower (Maverick Hall) has Motorcycle/Scooter stalls.