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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Success Stories

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What our partners are saying:

John Rivisto Photo

John Rivisto - President/CEO, Wells Concrete


"Students make a direct impact and apply what they're learning. We give them a real-world laboratory 35 miles down the road. I'm a big believer in this project. It's an opportunity for students to apply what they're learning—they look at things outside the textbook, with real-world applications." [ More (broken link)]

What our advisors are saying:

Colleen Landkamer Photo

Colleen Landkamer - State Director, USDA Rural Development, Minnesota Rural Development Office


"We need that connection between 'town and gown,' where the University does the research , the education—all those things that can really be the bedrock of any community. Then, sharing back and forth information from the community to the University will build the things that are so critical for economic development." [ More (broken link)]

What our students are saying:

Brent Krueger Photo

Brent Krueger


"Spending a year working [as an intern Project Coordinator at Rolco, Inc.] has taught me almost as much as my entire four years in school, just because I actually get to see the stuff happening and experience it." [ More (broken link)]


Blake Freese Photo

Blake Freese


"I hope it can keep growing because it's an awesome experience. Every company needs something in a different department, whether it would be engineering or marketing or sales. That's what the students can bring to that company and the company needs them. Each side needs each other, so why not do it? It just makes sense." [More]