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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Planned Philosophy Course Offerings for Spring 2017

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This list is provisional and subject to change. Consult E-Services for the current official course offerings.

  • PHIL 100W Introduction to Philosophy Instructor: Wulfemeyer
  • PHIL 101W The Mind-Body Problem Instructor: Liebendorfer
  • PHIL 101W The Mind-Body Problem (course is online) Instructor: Yu
  • PHIL 110 Logic & Critical Thinking Instructor: Humphrey
  • PHIL 120W Introduction to Ethics Instructor: Cooke
  • PHIL 120W Introduction to Ethics Instructor: Williams
  • PHIL 122W Introduction to Asian Philosphy/span> Instructor: Yu
  • PHIL 240W Law, Justice, and Society Instructor: Matarrese
  • PHIL 321W Social and Political Philosophy Instructor: Williams
  • PHIL 336W History of Philosophy: Renaissance and Modern Philosophy Instructor: Liebendorfer
  • PHIL 361 Philosophy of Religion Instructor: Humphrey
  • PHIL 440 Philosophy of Law Instructor: Matarrese
  • PHIL 455 Existentialism and Philosophy Instructor: Matarrese
  • PHIL 460 Philosophy of the Arts Instructor: Cooke
  • PHIL 475 Philosophical Issues in Cognitive Science Instructor: Liebendorfer
  • PHIL 477 Animal Minds Instructor: Wulfemeyer
  • PHIL 481 Philosophy of Biology Instructor: Yu