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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Master Plan

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Long Term Planning: Key to Minnesota State's Future Success

FlowerYou are invited to help shape MSU's future. Let us know what you think should be done to ensure a continually viable campus by completing the comments form.

Disclaimer: Master Plans are "works in progress" which periodically change as circumstances require. Ideas in any of the reports contained herein may conflict with one another and are offered to stimulate new thinking on the campus. Overall concepts may have broad support, but specific details are not to be viewed as "etched in stone". The University's Planning Submeet & Confer Committee is the primary group which reserves the right to review comments on any campus plan and recommend updates and modifications.


Facilities Master Plan - Final Submission (April, 2014)

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2013 Campus Master Plan:

Campus Master Plan Maps: