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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Comments on CSU Student Union

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  1. A new entry to the Student Union is definitely needed. A combined entry to the Administration Building and the Student Union has been proposed. In the Student Union Master Plan there is the suggestion to modify the Administration Building for the new entrance in a manner that knocks out the office space currently used by the College of Graduate Studies and Research. I would like to speak in opposition to this plan. Office space is already inadequate in many or most colleges, departments, offices, etc. of the university. While remodeling of the Student Union will be funded through revenue, will the Student Union also fund replacement of the lost office space that is currently used by administration or colleges? It seems to be much more affordable and practical to create a much needed new and inviting entrance to the Student Union elsewhere. I would suggest possibly remodeling and improving the current entrance at the south end of the hallway or walkway between the eating area and tables in Stompers, and the row of rooms that includes CSU 101. This would require extensive improvement and expansion of the current entrance, and possible relocation of what appears to be some type of mechanical facility (power transformer?) just outside the Union. This would not be nearly as expensive as creating the proposed combined entrance and then replacing the office space that would be lost in the proposed plan for a combined entrance. Improving the current, entirely inadequate CSU entrance also has the advantage of maintaining close proximity (closer than the Administration Building entrance) to public busses and to the steps and cross walk connected to the Visitor's Parking Lot.
  2. Is there interest in a faculty and/or staff lounge in the CSU?
  3. In regard to Centennial Student Union:
    1. What do you think about the new entry proposal? I think it is wonderful and it is needed badly.
    2. What additional suggestions would you make for those plans? None