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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Comments on Residential Life/Housing

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  1. A few thoughts: With the increasing # of private housing units under construction since the Master Plan was first developed and with the anticipated decline in traditional aged college students, why are we even discussing building more halls? The proposed location of the upper division housing will not only increase the sense of compactness to an already overly compact campus, but will overtax the traffic congestion. To expect the city of Mankato to relocate the Stadium Drive access route is unrealistic and to increase the traffic on County 8 is unsafe. What happens to Armstrong Hall 30 years out? Where are the replacement classroom buildings if Armstrong is razed? The placement of administrative buildings was not addressed in the forum and is not readily addressed in the hand-out summary. We need more classroom buildings and we need to have our academic support units readily accessible and centrally located.
  2. I like the residential hall new developments that would go up on the football practice field, and the halls by the clock tower. One downside to residential halls by the clock tower is that it would limit growth of new classrooms in a central location of the campus.
  3. I agree with the planners that sophomore and junior students want more privacy and they are looking for different amenities than freshmen. I am concerned that additional housing will be under-utilized, when there are so many apartments so close to campus. a. As far as improvements/new construction: We just visited a couple of campuses with my son and he was not worried about sharing a room, where the bathrooms were, exercise rooms, kitchens, etc. (I think girls may be more concerned about some of these things) he wanted high speed Ethernet, cable TV, and air conditioning. I want him to have a close fire escape, smoke detectors, sprinklers, and a security system. (I also think it would be nice if he had a sink in the room.) b. Should other types of housing units be considered? c. Is the proposed placement of student housing appropriate? If not what would be more, appropriate? I think the placement of campus housing units is fine.
  4. Questions regarding res. life plan in particular
    1. Will 490 additional beds be enough?
    2. Has there been any consideration of providing residential facilities that would cater to married or non-traditional students? Will the construction of new residential facilities lead to "economic stratification" among the residents?
  5. There are a lot of new apartment buildings going up in areas near campus. Will we really be able to fill additional on-campus student housing? It seems to me that most students are looking for the most affordable housing options. Will the proposed on-campus housing offer something less expensive than the nearby apartments?