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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Open Space and Streetscape

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  • Renovate the existing campus pedestrian mall referred to as the "heart of the campus," located between Maywood Avenue and Wigley Hall. The open space to the west of the mall extending to West Road should be designed and renovated to link these two spaces together.
  • Develop a pedestrian mall open space in the area currently used as South Road. Emergency/service access should be permitted in combination with a pedestrian spine extending from the Taylor Center to Highland North.
  • Develop residential quads associated with future student housing.
  • Incorporate the Arboretum with future building in-fill along Warren Street and Maywood Avenue.
  • Develop campus open space that links the redeveloped student housing area north of Maywood Avenue with the campus core.
  • Develop a quadrangle formed by Otto Arena, Highland North, Morris Hall and the future in-fill of the Academic II building.
  • Enhance the existing quality of the campus streetscape. This involves the development of "green" boulevards for Stadium Road between Ellis Avenue and Warren Street; Ellis Avenue between Stadium Road and Wigley; Maywood Avenue between Warren Street and Ellis Avenue North; and Ellis Avenue North between Maywood Avenue and Birchwood Street. These boulevards should be developed with grass islands, canopy street trees, campus street lighting and signage. The remaining segments of these streets related to the campus should be enhanced in the same manner without boulevards. It is important for the University to coordinate planning efforts with the City and County.

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