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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Vehicular Circulation/Parking

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  • The University should pursue the acquisition of available property on the north side of the campus in the area bounded by Maywood Avenue, Warren Street and Birchwood. This area would provide parking for the Performing Arts Center, Andreas Theatre and student housing.
  • On-street parking on South, West and Maywood Avenue should be reduced to mitigate the visual impact of parking on two sides of these streets.
  • Parking should be developed for student housing on the east side of A and B wings and to the south of Stadium Road associated with future student housing.
  • The primary campus parking area on the south side of Stadium road (lots 20, 20A, 21, 22 & 23) offers the opportunity to be expanded by approximately 650 spaces
  • The key issue for this parking area is convenience to the campus and pedestrian crossings associated with Stadium Road and Warren Street. It is recommended that an enhanced shuttle bus service with waiting shelters be developed to make parking in this area as convenient as possible.
  • Previous planning efforts (Rich & Associates, Inc. 5/2000) have identified the potential to develop a 400-car parking ramp on the south side of Centennial Student Union. The Master Plan recommends that this location is viable from a functional and land use standpoint. It is further recommended that consideration be given to connect this ramp to the Student Union and Otto Arena with allweather skyways that provide linkages to the existing interior pedestrian circulation system. The parking ramp also offers the opportunity to be developed with other mixed uses such a classrooms, clinics and lounges.
  • The Master Plan recommends the development of a street that connects West Road to Val Imm Drive associated with the redevelopment of student housing and parking in this area. The development of this road would allow the option of closing a section of Maywood Avenue between West Road and Ellis Avenue North. This option eliminates pedestrian/vehicular conflicts on this segment of Maywood Avenue and provides the opportunity to develop open space that connects student housing to the campus core. This concept, however, negatively impacts campus vehicular circulation and may generate significant traffic issues on Val Imm Drive. Additional traffic analysis and an understanding of the role Maywood Avenue will play in the campus streetscape enhancement is required to further understand the implications of this concept.

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