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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Strategic Funding Awarded

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Awarded 2015-2016 (for Expenditure in FY17)

     [PDF] AgileGrad Capacity Building (2 MiB)


Awarded 2014-2015 (for Expenditure in FY16)


Awarded 2013-2014 (for Expenditure in FY15)

      [PDF] Usability Center (273 KiB)
      [PDF] Climate Action Plan (202 KiB)
      [PDF] Creating a Strong Graduate Community (238 KiB)
Awarded 2012-2013 (for Expenditure in FY14)
      [PDF] Edina STEM Mathematics SEAL Program (472 KiB)
      [PDF] WC 349 Collabortive Classroom (377 KiB)
Awarded 2011-2012 (for Expenditure FY12-FY14)

    Big Ideas

 Academic Advisor for Online and Off-Campus Bachelor Completion Students

Archeological Collections Compliance Project

 Avatars to Teach our Teacher Candidates

Campus Renewable Energy Utilization

Culturing Applied Problem Solvers for Today’s Workplace – Launch of Professional Science Master’s (PSM) Degree Programs

Early Warning System to Identify and Retain At-Risk Students

Enrollment Management Recruitment and Retention Data Analysis

Establishment of the Minnesota Center for Sport and Performance Psychology

First Year Seminar – Undecided Students

IELI – Funding for Start-Up Period

Improvement of Student Engagement in Learning through Structured Videos

Improving Academic Advising: Realizing the 2011 Taskforce’s Three Main Recommendations

Project Outreach and Recruitment Web Pages in Spanish, Somali, and Chinese

Redesign of Chemistry Programs

Renewable Energy-Hybrid State Passenger Fleet Vehicles Funding

Sophomore and Transfer Success Program

The President’s Three Year Tuition Guarantee for Three Year Degree Programs

  Facilities Reinvestment

Armstrong Hall and Morris Hall: Renovations and Innovations

Dental Simulation and Technology Lab

Elias J. Halling Recital Hall Sound System Renovation

Library Connection to the Centennial Student Union

Memorial Library Floor of the Future

Morris Hall Crossroads Remodel

Moving Teaching Laboratories into the 21st Century

Renovate CSU117: Campus Hub/MavCARD/CSU Info Desk

  Strategic Priority

College of Business Short-Term Study Abroad in Belize

Composition Program Development for 100% Online Learners

Development of a Post-MSW Clinical Certificate Program

Expanding the NEW Academic and Behavioral Specialist Program in the Metro Area

Implementation of the College of Graduate Studies and Research Comprehensive Database

MS Spanish for the Professions

Awarded 2010-2011

·         Modeling and Simulation Graduate Curriculum Design

·         International Credential Evaluator for Graduate Admissions

·         100% Online Graduate Certificate in Coaching Education

·         Undergraduate Research Scholar Travel Funds

·         Market Research for Online Graduate Programs

·         International Student Recruitment in Mexico

·         Assessment and Development of Applied Professional Masters Degree Program

·         Collaborative Classroom Redesign

·         An Inter-University Collaboration to Develop an Online Certificate Program in School Social Work

·         Global Solutions:  International Program Development

·         Thinking and Acting Like a Doctoral Institution/Establishing an Adult Assessment Clinic

Awarded 2009-2010

·         High Ability Student Marketing Initiative

·         Presidential Excellence and Global Solutions Colloquium

·         College of SBS – Online Purple & Gold Diversity Courses

·         Global Solutions for an Emerging Doctoral Institution

·         The Higher Learning Commission Academy for the Assessment of Student Learning

·         Alcohol-Wise Online Alcohol Education Program

·         762 Advanced Doctoral Practicum-International Focus

·         Targeting At-Risk Populations

·         International Student Academic & Social Acculturation

·         Admission Materials Re-Design

Awarded 2008-2009

·         Graduate Student Recruitment Specialist

·         Mavericks After Dark Alcohol-Free Programming and Marketing Campaign

·         SOTL Community of Practice at MSU

·         Campus Psychiatric Services

·         Online Exit Interviews to Improve Employee Retention

·         First Year Seminar 100-Expansion of Course Offerings

·         Student Discipline and Education Officer

·         Explore best practices for first year students with skill building needs in writing.

Awarded 2007-2008

·         International Entrepreneurship Initiative:  Linking Students and the Community to Global Challenges

·         Distinguished Scholars Program

·         A SOTL Community of Practice at MSU

·         FYE Seminar 100 Expansion

·         Google Ad Words – Marketing

·         Diversity Advertising

·         Psychiatric Consultant and Services

·         Mental Health Consultation and Services

·         Specialized Graduate Certification in Forensic

·         Ethnic Heritage Pre-College Summer Institute

·         College Access Programs Tutoring