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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Goal 7 - Wellness

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Initiative Status Comments
  Completed In-Progress Not completed Altered  
Goal 7
Wellness (added in 2006)
1. To identify the health and wellness needs of the Minnesota State Mankato campus. Completed       Initial identification of needs has been completed. This is a continuous process.
2. To recommend evidence based programs and services that assist faculty, staff and students to optimize their wellness and enhance personal and professional productivity. Completed       Initial identification of needs has been completed. This is a continuous process.
3. To work as a university community to make recommendations that optimally address health/wellness issues that impact absenteeism, worker's compensation and other cost of care issues for Minnesota State Mankato.     Not Completed   Parts of these objectives were found to be unfeasible due to inability to further analyze absentee and worker's compensation data. Staff to provide analysis is not available and some confidentiality issues have been raised with use of these data. Questions were raised as to whether these objectives should be given to the Safety Committee.
4. To work with the professional development task force to identify faculty/staff professional development education initiatives that address major health concerns on our campus leading to worker's compensation claims. Completed       Initiatives have been offered at Professional Development Day and at other times for the last three years, including workshops on safety from injuries, ergonomics, safe lifting, etc.
5. To make recommendations that incorporate wellness initiatives into campus professional development and to suggest strategies to include wellness issues and information into the curriculum. Completed       Recommendation has been made.
6. To review support services for health and wellness initiatives and make recommendations for any needed infrastructure. Completed       Recommendation has been made.
7. To utilize campus student health/wellness data and employee health insurance claims data to recommend programmatic initiatives that align with the Healthy Campus 2010 National Objectives and Healthy People 2010 National Standards.       Altered This objective may need to be revised or rewritten
8. To develop a resource needs analysis and funding plan for all recommendations. Completed       A preliminary proposal was presented.
9. To present a preliminary proposal to the President for campus consideration May 2006. Completed       Resource needs were identified by the Task Force.
*Source: Strategic Plan, September 2005 (Objectives, pg. 25)