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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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Memo from the Diversity Task Force

DATE: April 15, 2004
TO: President Davenport
FROM: Joan Roca, for the Diversity Task Force
RE: Diversity Plan for MSU, Mankato

Members of the Diversity Task Force: Maria Baxter-Nuamah, Ben Benson, Barbara Carson, Christine Connolly, Brian Colehour, Linda Duckett, Michael Fagin, Cedrick Frazier, Gwen Griffin, David Karwoski, Lori Lamb, Jayne Larsen, Jackie Lewis, Rob McGinn, Michael Miller, Dean Moosavi, Tuan Phan, Guadalupe Quintero, Joan Roca (chair), Deirdre Rosenfeld, Warren Sandmann, Nicole Schultz, Nithy Sevanthinathan, John Seymour, Julie Snow, Michael Walsh, and Lucette Wildt.

The Diversity Task Force is pleased to present this Diversity Plan for the Minnesota State University, Mankato community. The Plan is the result of the efforts of the members of this Task Force and many others who have contributed through the process we established to collect feedback and comments during this academic year. We are grateful to everyone who participated in the open forum sessions and to those who provided feedback when we met with the different campus groups, committees, and bargaining units, or who submitted comments in person, through the "Diversity Comment" boxes, or via the web site.

In the Diversity Plan we propose three main areas and specific actions for the campus to work on, with the opportunity for every unit to contribute. Even though some of the feedback received by the Task Force was less than reassuring and showed continued resistance to implementing changes, we were reaffirmed by many that we are taking the right approach. The Task Force also heard many of the good things that many individuals and groups are already doing on our campus and we hope this Diversity Plan will encourage them to continue and others to join in implementing it.

Specifically, the Task Force received clear support for the following:

  • Adopting an expanded definition of diversity
  • Establishing a Diversity Commission
  • Conducting a Campus Climate Survey
  • Continuing diverse representation in campus groups and committees
  • Creating a Diversity Orientation Program for all faculty and staff
  • Funding diversity initiatives appropriately, with special emphasis on 10 actions proposed for strategic priority funding

In light of the comments and feedback received, the Diversity Task Force established priorities for immediate action and for implementation in fall 2004 and beyond. The Plan's recommended actions are summarized at the beginning of the Diversity Plan.

Diversity Plan 2004 (575KB PDF, Released 2004-04-15)