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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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SPF Full Proposals

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The following Step 2: Full Proposals have been submitted for Strategic Priority Funding for expenditure in FY15 (2014-2015 academic year).  The Planning Sub-Meet will review each of the proposals and provide a recommendation to Cabinet prior to March 1, 2014.


Proposal Tracking Number Proposal Name Total Funds Requested
1 [PDF] Online Teaching and Learning /
Quality Matters Research Initiative
(413 KiB)
2 [PDF] Creating Summer Collaborative Communities
for Course Redesign
(224 KiB)
3 [PDF] International Partnership and Program Development (396 KiB) $87,500
4 [PDF] A Climate Action Plan for MSU, Mankato (202 KiB) $20,000
5 [PDF] A System-Wide Collaborative Model for
Curriculum Redesign
(253 KiB)
6 [PDF] LeaderShape at MSU, Mankato (259 KiB) $40,000
7 [PDF] Usability Center (273 KiB) $50,000
8 [PDF] Disaster Management Strategies: A Global Approach (224 KiB) $34,800
9 [PDF] Developing an Entrepreneurship Minor (187 KiB) $43,000
10 [PDF] Creating a Strong Vibrant Graduate Community (238 KiB) $56,600
11 [PDF] Global Solutions Asset Mapping, Implementation
and Assessment
(341 KiB)
12 [PDF] Bureau 507: Student Consulting Center Focusing on Innovative Solutions for Big Ideas and Real World Thinking (288 KiB) $124,000