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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Policies Under Review

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The University's policy consultation and approval process includes two review periods during which members of the University community have the opportunity to read policy drafts and suggest modifications.  Feedback provided from the informal review period (Nov 2, 2018 - Dec 5, 2018) is utilized to develop revised policy drafts for formal review.    


Policies for Informal Review

[PDF] Academic Forgiveness for Undergraduate Students (75 KiB)
[PDF] Academic Standing for Undergraduate Students  (106 KiB)
[PDF] Undergraduate Admissions for Non-Degree Seeking Students (University Admissions) (114 KiB)
[PDF] Contracts (91 KiB)
[PDF] Grade Appeals (60 KiB)
[PDF] Grading (187 KiB)
[PDF] Graduate Assistantship (88 KiB)
[PDF] Hosting Minors on Campus (20 KiB)
[PDF] Last Day of Attendance (68 KiB)
[PDF] Lost and Found (137 KiB)
[PDF] Outdoor Music Events (62 KiB)
[PDF] Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (27 KiB)
[PDF] Posting (72 KiB)
[PDF] Early and Priority Registration (78 KiB)
[PDF] Statement of Student Responsibilities (86 KiB)
[PDF] Student Financial Aid Eligibility: SAPS (124 KiB)
[PDF] Undergraduate Admissions (University Admissions) (114 KiB)
[PDF] Web Publishing (Electronic Communications Publishing) (111 KiB)