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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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[JPG] Car Flag (56 KiB) - Item# 1901

Show your team pride everywhere you go with this vibrant, durable, two-sided car flag! 100% polyester fabric. 13"x11" with 20" pole that attaches to window.

Price: $20.00

[JPG] Letter Light (29 KiB) - Item# 1503

This 5" ultra slim, lightweight letter light is easy to store and carry. It's 3 LEDs add brightness to any dark place while it diligently promotes Minnesota State Mankato by displaying the University logo and "Big ideas. Real-world thinking." tagline.

Price: $4.00

[JPG] Gift Wrap (28 KiB) - Item# 1601

24" x 100' glossy purple gift wrap.

Price: $45.00 (200 sq. ft)

[JPG] Roll of Ribbon (29 KiB) - Item# 1605

7/8" Purple satin ribbon with gold stamped University logo.

Price: $80.00 (105 yard spool)

[JPG] Gold Tissue paper (33 KiB) - Item# 1610

Make your gifts as special as the peopel you give them to with this "Maverick gold" tissue paper. Pair it with our glossy purple gift wrap and ribbon and make a special impact your gift will not soon be forgotten.

Price: 50¢ ea.

[JPG] Assorted Gift Bags (33 KiB) - Item# 1603/1604

Give your gifts that "special touch" with these gift envelopes, cinch sacks and handle bags in University colors. Pair them with our gold tissue paper for even more University impact.

#1603 Large: $1.25 ea.
#1604Small: $1.00 ea.

[JPG] Lanyard (34 KiB) - Item# 1912

Purple lanyard with metal 360º clip

Price: $2.35 ea.

[JPG] Ice Scraper (42 KiB) - Item# 1917

Clear plastic ice scraper with purple handle and gold logo imprint.

Price: $3.25 ea.

[JPG] Dry Blend Blanket (49 KiB) - Item# 1915

Enjoy that toasty warm feeling at home or anywhere you go with this soft blanket imprinted with the University logo. Thick material and stitched, double-thick edges ensure long lasting comfort.

Price: $18.50

[JPG] Umbrella (43 KiB) - Item# 1909

Small compact size, purple with gold University logo.

Price: $12.00

[JPG] Stadium Seat Cushion (46 KiB) - Item# 1910

Purple foam cushion with built in handle, great for all the sporting events or gardening!

Price: $5.50 ea.
25 or more: $4.90 ea.

[JPG] Large Pennant (41 KiB) - Item# 1903

Large 30" x 12" felt pennant.

Price: $10.00

[JPG] Miniature Pennants (43 KiB) - Item# 1904

Mini 4.5" x 2.5" felt pennant with a magnetic backing.

Price: $2.50 ea.

[JPG] Paper Pennant (46 KiB) - Item# 1905/1906

Great for decorating or sharing! Show your school pride with these 4.25" x 10.5" University Purple and Gold paper pennant.

Price: 50¢ ea. or $25.00 for pack of 50

[JPG] University Flag (44 KiB) - Item# 1902

Durable 3' x 5' nylon, weather resistent flag with brass grommets.

Price: $75.00

[JPG] Lapel Pin (23 KiB) - Item# 2028

7/8" round University lapel pin.

Price: $2.75 ea. ($2.00 ea. @ 20+)

[GIF] University Fast Facts (52 KiB) - Item# 1213

Offset printed fast facts that the Admissions office uses.

Price: $1.00 ea.

[JPG] Silicone Wristband (49 KiB) - Item# 2026

Wear your school pride with this purple and gold marbled wristband. Really proud? Wear more than one! Great giveaway item!

Price: $1.00 ea.

[JPG] Glass Egg Award with Hardwood Pedestal (44 KiB) - Item# 1920

Recognize a milestone or honor an accomplishment with this elegant solid glass teardrop-shaped award featuring colorful strands arcing from the rich blue center. It rests atop a hardwood base that is custom made right here at Minnesota State Mankato. Customized metal name plate included.

Price: $55.00 ea.

[JPG] Cell Phone Card Holder (55 KiB) Sold out.  - Item# 1406

Wherever you go, so does your phone. Why not use it to remember those often forgotten credit cards, business cards or even a drivers license. This rubberized, adhesive backed cell phone card holder adheres to most any phone and will dutifully transport whatever you can fit in it. Leave your cares behind, not your cards.

Price: $2.50

[JPG] Comfort Mat (30 KiB) - Item# 1928

Ease discomfort with this thick and durable floor mat. Thick padding makes standing more comfortable and thick rubber coating adds durability for long lasting use.

Price: $125.00

[JPG] Large Format Poster Stands (pair) (27 KiB) - Item# 1931

Tiny but mighty, these heavyweight poster stands are easy to transport and perfect for displaying posters mounted on foam core, gator board or other substrate up to 1/4" thick. A great addition to any table top display or use multiple posters to create your own display. Need a poster to go in them? Printing Services can design and print professional-looking displays to help you look your best.

Price: $25.00