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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Advisee Lists and DARS Audits Using the Web

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Advisors can obtain a list of their current advisees by using the web system.

advisee menu



1) Login to the web system

2) Select the Advisees option

3) Make sure the term is appropriate--if not, you can change it

4) Select Enrolled



You should then see a listing of all current advisees.

advisee list

In the Additional Information column there are three pieces of somewhat crowded data that can be viewed by clicking on the each one:

  • Contact Information
    • the most current data on file
  • Academic Record
    • a transcript-like listing of the student's record
  • DARS
    • a regular DARS report based upon the student's program information on file

Questions concerning advisee lists should be directed to

the Office of the Registrar

room:  WA 132; phone:  389-6266