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DARS is an acronym for Degree Audit Reporting System.

It is a computer program that produces advising information illustrating an undergraduate student's progress in fulfilling the graduation requirements of their chosen degree program.


DARS uses a student's degree program information (degree, major, minor, catalog year) on file in the student records system, to create a "template" of that program. Then all of a student's courses are placed into the template to produce a document called an audit. The audit shows which requirements are completed and which are left to be done. It can be used by students and advisors to monitor a student's progress towards graduation.


DARS also converts transfer work from other institutions into Minnesota State University, Mankato courses and places them onto the audit.

However, only students admitted in the Fall of 2003 and beyond will have transfer work appearing in their audits.


DARS does take into account substitutions and waivers sent to the Office of the Registrar by departments for individual students.

However, only those exceptions approved after 1/1/2008 will appear on audits.

DARS is not a replacement for the advising process whereby students are in communication with their department and assigned advisor.

DARS should also not be considered a replacement for the University catalog, although the DARS program is based very heavily upon that document.  DARS is a tool to assist students and advisors.

DARS does not produce audits for graduate students.

Questions concerning DARS and transfer work should be directed to

the Transfer Evaluation Department

room:  WA 132; phone:  389-5265

Questions concerning DARS should be directed to