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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Catalog Information

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DARS is based entirely on the University catalog (bulletin).

A catalog contains all the University requirements necessary for obtaining a degree including overall credits, GPA, residency, general education, diversity, as well as the particular needs for any given major or minor.

Each year a new catalog is produced that will probably be different from the previous ones.  It could be the case that some previous courses are no longer offered, while new courses may have been created.  Any given policy could be different and the requirements for any particular major or minor could also have changed.

Thus, the catalog a student follows plays an important role in their degree program.  Most students utilize the catalog under which they were first admitted to the University.  However, students may change their catalog to a later one, if they so choose.

The catalog contains many majors and minors, all having various requirements to be met.  Since DARS bases its workings on the catalog, the process of entering those requirements takes some time. The current catalog is generally coded into DARS before the Fall semester begins.

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