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Grade Entry

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Term grades are entered by instructors using the Minnesota State Real Time Web Grading system.


To begin entering grades for a term:

class management menu



1) login to E-Services

2) select the Class Management option

3) select Grade & LDA Entry

4) make sure the term is appropriate--if not, you can change it
    (it should display the current term automatically)




You should then see a listing of all classes taught for the term.

course list for grade entry

Pressing Go at the right end of the course line will bring up a roster of the class.

class roster for grading

The following steps for entering grades are suggested to make the process as straightforward as possible.


  • Select all students by checking the box above Select All.
  • By default all students have their attendance checked as YES Completed the Term.

  • Locate all students who never attended the class and for each one check the Never Attended button on the right end of their row in the roster.
  • This will cause a grade of W to be automatically entered for those students.

  • Locate all students who ceased attending class at some point in the term and for each one check the Partially Attended button on the right end of their row in the roster.
  • This will cause a grade of F to be automatically entered for those students. You will also have to enter a Last Date of Attendance for each one, signifying when you believe they ceased attending/participating in the class. To make date entry easier, you can make use of an on-screen calendar. Pressing the calendar icon next to the date field should make the screen look like:

    calendar for LDA entry

    The range of dates that the class was offered will appear in color to make it simpler to select one. A date can be typed into the field, as long as it is in the format mm/dd/yyyy.

  • The remaining students on the roster should be those that actually attended the class and earned whatever grade you wish to give them.
  • To enter their grades, click in the grade field and select it from the drop down list. If you are attaching a shade, click in its field and select + or - from that drop down list.

  • If you enter a grade of F or NC for a student, you will also need to fill in the LDA.
  • In this case, it should be the last day of the class--the last colored day in the calendar.

  • If it happens that you check an attendance button by mistake, you can remedy this by clicking the YES Completed Term button.
  • This will reset the student's row to its original state and allow you to reenter their information.

  • Press the Post Grades & LDA button when finished.
  • You will be asked to confirm your entry and verify using your PIN/tech ID password (the same one that you used in conjunction with your tech ID to login to the web system) in order to post your grades.

  • After you re-enter your PIN/tech ID password, you then press the Post Grades button.
  • The system gives you 20 minutes to review your grades and press this button before it times you out. If you are timed out, you will need to reenter those grades.

If an instructor does not fill in the LDA date in the above mentioned cases, they will not be able to post any of the grades for the class.

That is, if you have made any entries (a grade or pushed the partial attendance button) for a student and are prompted for an LDA, it needs to be filled in or none of the grades for any students can be posted. You can, of course, clear your entries for that student (remove the grade or push the attended button) and come back to that student later--allowing you to post the other students' grades.


It is not necessary to enter all the grades for a course at one time. You can post grades for some of the students and come back at a later time to post the grades for the others.


It is important to note that once you have posted grades, you will not be able to reenter them in order to change a grade. Changes to grades that you have posted need to be made by turning in Change of Grade forms to the Office of the Registrar.


NOTE: There may be some students for which the program does NOT allow an instructor to enter grades of NC or F and any LDA information.

These students are generally student athletes and international students, having special enrollment and credit restrictions--which are the items preventing the entry of grades and LDA info.

These students will have asterisks on the right side of the calendar icon in their row on the roster.

The attendance buttons will be grayed out for such students and the grade drop down list will NOT contain choices of NC or F. Thus, instructors can only enter A, B, C, D, P, I, or IP grades for them.

Since these students do need to have LDA information entered and/or grades of NC or F placed on their record, you will need to email the Registrar's Office ( with the following information:
   1) the course ID and student tech ID
   2) one of the following attendance choices (attended; partially attended--and their last date of attendance; never attended)
   3) the grade for the student
and we will enter it in the Registrar's Office.


Minnesota State has implemented a 20 minute timeout period for entering grades.

That is, during grade entry for a course, if no grades are posted during a 20 minute period, the program will "disconnect" you. The screens will not appear any different at the time, but when you attempt to post the grades you will be sent to a Minnesota State login page and the grades you had been entering (those since your last posting for the course) will be lost. The key is to keep track of the length of time since your last posting for a class and to post multiple times, if need be.


The University policy on grading, containing detailed information (including the point structure of shaded grades), can be found in this Academic Affairs policy (broken link).

Questions concerning term grades should be directed to

Records and Grades

room:  WA 132; phone:  389-2577