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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Grading Items

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Two items are of special importance when using the Minnesota State Web Grading system.


There may be some students for which the program does NOT allow an instructor to enter grades of NC or F and any LDA information.

These students are generally student athletes and international students, having special enrollment and credit restrictions--which are the items preventing the entry of grades and LDA info.

These students will have asterisks on the right side of the calendar icon in their row on the roster.

The attendance buttons will be grayed out for such students and the grade drop down list will NOT contain choices of NC or F. Thus, instructors can only enter A, B, C, D, P, I, or IP grades for them.

Since these students do need to have LDA information entered and/or grades of NC or F placed on their record, you will need to
email the Registrar's Office ( with the following information:
   1) the course ID and student tech ID
   2) one of the following attendance choices (attended; partially attended--and their last date of attendance; never attended)
   3) the grade for the student
and we will enter it in the Registrar's Office.


Minnesota State has implemented a 20 minute timeout period for entering grades.

That is, during grade entry for a course, if no grades are posted during a 20 minute period, the program will "disconnect" you. The screens will not appear any different at the time, but when you attempt to post the grades you will be sent to a Minnesota State login page and the grades you had been entering (those since your last posting for the course) will be lost. The key is to keep track of the length of time since your last posting for a class and to post multiple times, if need be.


Questions concerning term grades should be directed to

Records and Grades

room:  WA 132; phone:  389-2577