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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Registration Permissions

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There are a number of situations that arise which prevent students from registering for classes.  These situations often require some type of special permission from an instructor to allow students to enroll.


Permissions are termed "overrides" because they allows the normal process to be overridden for a particular student.  The items needing to be overriden are termed "edits".

To give permission or set an override for a student:

class management menu



1) login to the web system

2) select the Class Management option

3) make sure the term is appropriate--if not, you can change it

4) select Faculty Overrides



You should then see

override list

Generally, students discover these dilemmas during registration and end up at the department/instructor offering the course, where they ask to have the situation remedied. Some of the more common situations are:

  • the student needs the instructor's permission to enroll
    • the override code to use to grant permission is 000012
  • the course was created having a variable amount of credits
    • the override code to use to set the number of credits for the course is 000011
    • in addition code 000012 would also need to be used
  • the student cannot enroll because the course is closed (filled)
    • the override code to use to grant permission to enroll is 000013
  • the student is trying to take an overload of credits for a term
    • the override code to use to allow more credits to be taken is 000026
  • the student does not have permission to take upper division courses
    • the override code to use to grant permission is 000024

Once you have selected the item you wish to override and press the Continue button, a screen appears requesting information pertinent to that item. After filling this data in, you press the Process button.

override detail

Note that you are granting permission for the student to have the ability to enroll themselves in particular courses. You are not actually enrolling the students in the courses.

Also be aware that if you do not fill in an end date for the permission, it will expire at the end of the day it is entered.

Questions concerning registration permissions should be directed to

the Registration Help Center

room:  WA 132; phone:  389-2252