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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Transfer Audits

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Transfer audits are a special DARS report meant for incoming transfer students. 

When transfer students come to Minnesota State University, Mankato, they bring with them transcripts from other schools.  Their basic need is to see how their credits were evaluated or converted into Mankato coursework.  The Transfer Evaluation department handles this conversion and provides the results in one of two forms:

  • a hand-written evaluation form
  • a DARS transfer audit

Both documents give the same information.  The reason for there being two different formats is because of how transfer work is stored for different students.

ONLY those students admitted Fall 2003 and beyond have their transfer courses entered into DARS as individual courses.  These students also have transfer credit values entered into ISRS, as has always been the case.

Students admitted prior to Fall 2003 have NONE of their transfer courses entered into DARS.  These students have their transfer work represented only by the credit values entered into ISRS.

This is why transfer work is not a part of every student's DARS audit.

Students admitted prior to Fall 2003 do not have transfer work in the DARS system and thus this work cannot appear on any type of audit.  These students receive hand-written evaluation forms.

Students admitted Fall 2003 and beyond have their transfer work in the DARS system and so it appears on their audits.  These students receive DARS transfer audits.

Transfer audits, like general education audits, are not able to be generated by the students themselves.

Transfer evaluations have always been exclusively produced by the Transfer Evaluation Department and this will continue to be the case--regardless of whether they are hand-written or produced by DARS. However, it is now possible for others (anyone who can generate regular DARS audits via ISRS) to also generate transfer audits. Specifically, there may be a need for the following offices to do this from time to time.

  • the Campus Hub
  • Orientation
  • Advising Centers

Producing a transfer audit is simpler than generating regular DARS audits. Using the ISRS DARS Report screen, you only need to fill in:

  • Student's tech ID
  • Degree Program should always be TRANSFER
  • COM Table should always be MSUTR

Nothing else needs to be filled in.

It is worth noting that a transfer audit is not a static document. That is, the information given changes depending upon how far in advance of attendance the student has sent their transfer work. Students sending transfer work to us before the catalog governing their initial attendance exists, will be given a different audit than if that catalog was in existence. DARS is not able to be as detailed until we actually have access to the catalog they will be following. Of course, the students who obtained a less detailed transfer audit can get another (having more detail) at a later point in time.

Transfer audits for engineering students are ordered using the following information on the ISRS DARS Report screen:

  • Student's tech ID
  • Degree Program should be ENGRTRFR
  • COM Table should be MSUTR

Questions concerning transfer work should be directed to

the Transfer Evaluation Department

room:  WA 132; phone:  389-5265

Questions concerning DARS should be directed to