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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Login Instructions

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To login to the Minnesota State web system you will need a tech ID and a tech ID password.

These two pieces of information insure the security necessary for accessing the information available.  Students, staff, and faculty all login at the same address and in the same way.  Persons are identified by the system as being a student, an employee, or both.  Each group is able to view information appropriate only to that group.

Tech ID's are eight-digit numbers used to identify people on campus.

Tech ID's appear on MavCards and staff ID cards. They do not change for an individual's entire career at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

There are provisions on the web login page for looking up your tech ID in case you have forgotten it. Oftentimes the tech ID is called the "login ID" since it is used to login to the web system.


Your tech ID password is initially a PIN (Personal Identification Number).  A six-digit number that will be utilized as your tech ID password for a period of time.

Initially, your PIN is set to either:

your birth date in the form YYMMDD

for example, August 26, 1953 would generate a PIN of 530826

the last six digits of your social security number

The first time that you login using your initial PIN, you will be forced to change it to a more secure tech ID password.  The screen will prompt you to follow certain rules to create a tech ID password that will end up containing letters and numbers.  If you have been using a PIN for your tech ID password, you can continue doing so.  If you are new to the system and have never logged in using your initial PIN, you will not be able to continue to use a six-digit number.

There are provisions on the web login page for looking up your PIN in case you have forgotten it.

Your tech ID password keeps whatever value it has unless:

it is one of the initial PIN values

you change it (one of the options within the web system)

you forget your tech ID password and need to have it reset (it then changes to one of the initial PIN values, which will mean that you will be forced to change it when next you login)

Throughout the web system the terms PIN and tech ID password are used interchangeably, since you could be using a PIN as your tech ID password at some times.

The University has tailored the entrance to the Minnesota State web system to suit its needs. Thus, people are from time to time asked or shown information about their email address and billing.

The login screen is found by going to


login screen

Once logged into the web system, you will see a screen tailored for instructors with options along the left side as shown below. These options relate to different features available.

menu after login



Advisees allows you to obtain a list of current advisees.

Class Management allows you to obtain class rosters, enter grades, and enter overrides for student registration purposes

Courses allows you to search the course offerings for a term.



On the far right side of the page is a link that will bring you to the Minnesota State web page meant for students (if you were/are a student at Minnesota State Mankato).

Also on the far right side is a link used for logging out of the web system.

Questions concerning logging in to the Minnesota State Web System should be directed to

the Office of the Registrar

room:  WA 132; phone:  389-6266