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The following forms can be viewed, printed out, filled in then submitted to the appropriate office indicated on the form.

Student Forms - Undergraduate and Graduate

Form Name Description
[PDF] Academic Forgiveness (606 KiB) Academic Forgiveness for an undergraduate student is a onetime opportunity to remove prior grades in order to establish a new Grade Point Average (GPA).
[PDF] Enrollment Verification (73 KiB) Used to verify a student’s enrollment in instances where the asking agency has refused the verification that is provided through the National Student Clearing House.
[PDF] Immunization (56 KiB) Used to provide the school with your immunization information which is required by the law and will be available for review by the Minnesota Department of Health and the local health agency.
[PDF] Incomplete Contract (359 KiB) The Incomplete Contract is used when a student requests an Incomplete grade for a course from the instructor. It is a written agreement between the instructor and the student regarding the details of completing the work by the deadline agreed upon. Grades of Incomplete change to F or NC if not completed after one semester. Incomplete grades for Spring Semester convert to F or NC after Fall semester.
[PDF] Information Release (53 KiB) Used to grant authorization for third party to have access to your financial and/or enrollment information.
[PDF] International Student Non-Immigrant/Immigrant Intent (1 MiB) Used by Non- US Citizens along with supporting documentation as proof of filing for immigrant/permanent resident status in order to be considered as candidates for tuition in state residency.
[PDF] Loan Deferment Information (54 KiB) A list of information that the student needs to send to a lender, along with directions on what to do in order to request that their loan deferred.
[PDF] Medical Verification For Registration Appeal (156 KiB) Used to appeal in instances where a mental health or physical condition resulted in your inability to complete a course or courses.
[PDF] Midwest Student Exchange Program Appeal (50 KiB) Used to apply for reduced tuition rates by students who have lived in Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska or Ohio for at least 12 months.
[PDF] MN Prosperity Act Appeal (124 KiB) Used to apply for reduced tuition rates by students who qualify for the Minnesota Dream Act.
[PDF] Personal Data Change (122 KiB) Used to make changes to your legal name or social security number. Supporting documentation must be provided.
[PDF] Preferred Name Request Form (324 KiB) Complete this form to have MSU, Mankato use a preferred name for you in our records, consistent with Minnesota State System Procedure. Please note: This is not to update or change your legal name.
Registration Appeal Used to request late (after the registration deadline) adds, drops, exchanges and change of grading method if AUDIT was selected in error. If your request is related to a medical condition please print and complete the (Medical Verification for Registration Appeal) form in addition to completing and submitting a registration appeal form.
[PDF] Repeated Course (411 KiB) Used to notify the Office of the Registrar of a transfer repeat where there is no MSU equivalency for the course.
[PDF] Repeated Course Policy Appeal (320 KiB) Used by a student to appeal for a chance to take the course a fourth time. A student can take a class and retry it two times. After taking a class for the third time, they need to appeal in order to have permission to take a course for a fourth time.
[PDF] Replacement Diploma Request (295 KiB) Used by students to get a copy of their diploma.
[PDF] Residency Classification Request (159 KiB) Students who have lived in Minnesota for over 12 months AND during that time have not been in the state solely or primarily for school, may fill this form out to apply for reduced tuition.
[PDF] Revised Undergraduate Application for Graduation (91 KiB) Used to make changes to already submitted undergraduate application for graduation forms. (This is the same form used for undergraduate graduation application)
[PDF] Senior Citizen Status Request (30 KiB) Students that are 62 years old or older who have never attended MSU Mankato fill this form out to request that they get admitted to the university with senior citizen classification.
[PDF] Student Athlete Drop/Add Request (31 KiB) Used to allow student athletes to add or drop courses with special permission. Student athletes have a hold built into their accounts to prevent them from going below 12 credit hours each semester.
[PDF] Student Data Privacy Request (230 KiB) The form LISTS out student information that CAN be given out by the school. It also provides a student with the option of asking the university not to release any of their information to the public.
[PDF] Transfer Appeal / General Education & Diverse Cultures Substitution (101 KiB) Used by students who wish include a course that is not listed within General Education or Diverse Cultures Graduation Requirements to their General Education or Diverse Cultures categories.
[PDF] Transfer Course Equivalency (430 KiB) This form is submitted to the respective academic department to request that classes taken at another institution be accepted for credit at MSU Mankato.
[PDF] Undergraduate Application for Graduation (91 KiB) Filled out 12 months before the date that they intend to graduate. An early registration allows for grades and goal areas to be looked over in good time to determine if the student fulfills all graduation requirements.
[PDF] Undergraduate Credit Overload (11 KiB) Used by undergraduate students to request permission to take more than 18 credits a semester. The students need different amounts of additional supporting documentation and or codes depending on how many credits they want to take over 18.
Form Name Description
Graduate Credit Overload Used to request enrollment in more than 12 graduate credits during a semester.
[PDF] Preferred Name Request Form (324 KiB) Complete this form to have MSU, Mankato use a preferred name for you in our records, consistent with Minnesota State System Procedure. Please note: This is not to update or change your legal name.
Faculty Forms
Form Name Description
[PDF] Variable Sub-Title Course Request (112 KiB)

Variable Sub-Title Request eForm
Used by faculty to request the permissions to offer a workshop, in-service course or a similar group experience.

This form requires Java 7.51 or higher to operate. You can download and install Java for free from
[PDF] Room Use Authorization (13 KiB) Used to make a request holding a class in a room that has not been assigned to their college or department.
[PDF] Open Option Grading Request (22 KiB) Used by instructor to request “open- option” grading which means that the class can either have Pass/Fail or grades. This only applies to 300-400 level classes.
[PDF] Auxiliary Course Proposal (32 KiB) Used to create of a course that can be taught without going through the curriculum committee.