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Mid-Term Reporting

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The Mid-Term Reporting System (MTR) at Minnesota State Mankato University, Mankato was designed at the request of the faculty to provide advisors with information about the mid-term academic progress of students involved in specific programs or those with a particular status at the University.

Identified student groups include:

  • first-year students (having fewer than 24 credits)
  • athletes
  • contract admits
  • Learning Community students
  • MAX Scholar students
  • Military Science students
  • students on academic probation/suspension
  • students in the Student Support Services Program

Faculty having any of these students in their classes, are asked to participate in providing information about the mid-semester academic status of these students. It is helpful for advisors to know whether these students are doing well or whether they appear to be having academic difficulties. The student's advisor or other support staff will be able to access this information and contact the student as needed.

The Mid-Term Reporting System is a web-based mechanism allowing for easy input of the data requested and efficient access for advising purposes.


Faculty members access the system by going to

and logging in with the same information as is used to sign in to their email account.


The MTR System is only available for entering data during roughly a two week window each term and viewing of the accumulated data is available shortly after that window ends.

Faculty members are sent email notification of this process prior to it beginning each term and are also sent email notification of when and how the data can be viewed, once the data collection is complete.

For Spring 2014, mid-term data can be entered beginning 03/04/2014 and ending 03/24/2014, until 11:59 p.m. 

Questions concerning mid-term reporting should be directed to

the Office of the Registrar

room:  WA 132; phone:  389-6266