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Minnesota State University, Mankato

New Grading Policy Information

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New Grading Policy Information

Effective date of Policy: August 1, 2016

Fall Semester 2016 is the start of new policy

Why was the policy requested to be reviewed before the September 2018 Policy Review timeline?

Due to MnSCU system-wide enhancements within ARSA/ISRS during the 2014-15 academic year, specifically the electronic change of grade feature, coupled with customizable reports developed by our own campus ITS and Office of the Registrar regarding missing, “Z”, “IP,” and “I” grades assigned following each semester’s end, along with formal appeals generated by students, our data is now indicating that current procedural practice within this policy allows for substantial numbers of student grades to not have closure within a timely manner.

The following are examples:
The previous policy had criteria that made it difficult to convert Incomplete and In Progress grades to F or NC through an automated process. Each Incomplete and In Progress was manually coded. The goal was to clean up the wording of the policy to allow the converted F/NC’s grades to be processed through an automated process before SAPS ran for the semester. It was also important to prevent Incomplete and In Progress grades from staying on the transcript for long periods of time when they did not meet the requirements to be converted.

Past policy:

The incomplete must be made up in the next semester in which the student is enrolled at the university. ….If the deficiency is not made up within the specified time, the grade automatically becomes and F (regular-graded course) or NC (P/NC graded course.) Note: See Incomplete below for wording on new policy

Grades of In Progress will be converted to an F (regular-graded course) or NC (P/NC graded course) if the student has not finished the work by the time he or she graduates. Note: See In Progress below for wording on new policy.

What are the main things that have changed?

Audit Grades-added to policy

Students auditing a course:

  • Are required to pay full tuition and fees
  • Are not responsible to take exams and are not required to do homework
  • Are listed on the class roster (grade report)
  • Are counted as registered students

Incomplete (I)-see below

Automated conversion to F or NC after one semester-
A grade of “I” automatically changes to “F” or “NC” at the end of that following semester if no other grade is assigned.

Conversion timeframe:

  • Fall Semester: Convert after Spring
  • Spring Semester: Convert after Fall
  • Summer Term: Convert after Fall

Incomplete Contract

A student and instructor must have a signed “Incomplete Contract” stating the assigned grade for the course is “I”.

In Progress (IP)-see below

Automated conversion to F or NC after one semester

Completion of course requirements must occur within one year. A grade of “IP” automatically changes to “F” or NC” depending on the selected grading method after one year if not other grade is assigned.

Conversion Timeline:

  • Fall Semester: Convert after next Fall
  • Spring Semester: Convert after next Spring
  • Summer Term: Convert after Summer

Use of IP for specific courses

Instructors may assign the grade of “IP” to students whose work at the end of a term is still in progress because the course, by design or by arrangement prior to registration, requires more than one term to complete all assignments.

Examples: Study abroad, APP, Thesis, Alternate Plan paper, concurrent enrollment, Summer courses going in to August, etc...

Change in how credits are counted

In Progress grades count as credits attempted and as credits earned. This has changed from “In Progress credits count as attempted but not as credit earned."

This will not go in to affect until Summer 17. Fall 16 and Spring 17 courses will count as credits attempted and credits not earned.

Pass Extraordinary (PE)-removed from policy- IP has replaced this

Past policy:The grade of “pass extraordinary” is given for courses that are finished within one term but are designed to go past the grading deadline. Examples would be course taken at universities abroad which run on a different semester schedule, or practicum, internship, or independent study projects that have an end date after the last day of classes but before the next semester starts….

Grade “Z”-added to policy

The grade of “Z” is issued as a placeholder to mark that no grade has been submitted yet by the instructor of record. The “Z” is replaced with the entry of a grade by the instructor. In the absence of a grade, the “Z” automatically changes to “F” or “NC” by the start of the next semester.

Grade Changes/2-year limit-added to policy

A change of grade will be accepted by the Office of the Registrar when securely submitted via the Electronic Grade Change system by the instructor. Department chairs can authorize change of grades in the absence of the instructor by signing the official paper grade change form for up to two calendar years from the original term of enrolment for that specific course.

Grading websites

View Grade changes, Incomplete, In Progress, and Missing Grades: (available to Dean/Department Chair)

Electronic Grade Change:

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