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Pass/No Credit

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Pass/No Credit-Undergraduate

  • Under the pass/no credit (P/NC) system, an ,undergraduate student may register for a course with the understanding that a “P” will be recorded if presents passing performance. If the course is not passed, no credit will be given and an “NC” will be recorded on the permanent record.
  • To receive a “P”, the student will be required to perform at “C” (2.0) level or better. “C-“ does not constitute a passing grade. Individual departments may offer pass/no credit courses at any level of undergraduate instruction.
  • Courses taken for P/NC may be applied to major or minor requirements for graduation but only at departmental discretion. Each student is responsible for understanding individual department policy in this regard. A limited number of P/NC units are accepted to apply toward a major and no more than twenty-five percent of the total undergraduate degree requirements may be earned in pass/no credit courses. Courses offered for only P/NC grading are exempted from the twenty-five percent computation.

Pass/No Credit-Graduate

  • A graduate student may choose to register for a course as P/NC with the understanding that credit will be received, indicated by the letter "P", if the equivalent of a "B" grade or better is earned. If less than a "B" grade is earned, no credit will be granted, and an "NC” will be recorded on the transcript. Whether the grade is "P" or "NC," the hours taken will not enter into the computation of grade point average. If the course is not passed, no credit will be given and an “NC” will be recorded on the permanent record.
  • Departments offering courses at the graduate level may use Pass/No Credit grades for theses, individual study courses, practicums, workshops, seminars, and internship in the major field. They may not use Pass/No Credit grades for other courses in the student’s major without specific approval of the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies and Research.

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