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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Summer 2014 Dropping Courses

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Adding/Dropping a Course(s)

You may add or drop a full-term course(s) via E-Services (View/Modify) through the fifth day of the semester. Dropping a course by the deadline means the course is removed from your class schedule, you are not financially responsible, and the course does not appear on your transcript.

Summer Semester 2014

Withdrawing from Course(s)

You may "withdraw" from full-session course(s) via E-Services (View/Modify) through the published date for the semester. Withdrawing from a course(s) means that you are no longer in the course but the course counts as "attempted" and a grade of "W" is given. You are still financially responsible for the course(s).

Summer Semester 2014

Official Withdrawal

You may officially withdraw from all courses through the published date. An official withdrawal is defined as terminating enrollment in all registered courses for an academic semester. For more information regarding financial and academic implications go to

Summer Semester, 2014

You can also see the drop/withdrawal dates by looking at the course details when searching for a course. The dates can also be seen by placing your mouse over the icon on your schedule. This will display "hover help" and the official date to drop and withdraw. You can also see these important dates on your printed class schedule.