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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Summer 2017 Calendar

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Summer 2017 Calendar "Post for quick reference"
2/20/2017 Summer Term 2017 Class Schedule Available for Viewing on the Web
3/6/2017 Fall Term 2017 Class Schedule Available for Viewing on the Web
3/20/2017 Summer Registration Begins
4/3/2017 First Day of Fall Term 2017 Registration
5/22/2017 Summer Classes Begin (full term and first session)
5/26/2017 Deadline for Original Registration (adding or changing full term classes)
5/26/2017 Deadline for Dropping Full Term Classes (with refund and without affecting completion rate: classes dropped after this date will appear with a "W" on a transcript)
5/29/2017 Memorial Day (no classes)
6/5/2017 Deadline for Changing Grading Method of Full Term Classes
6/5/2017 Classes Begin-Module I (Ends 06/16/2017)
See note below Deadline for Withdrawal of First Session Classes
6/19/2017 Classes Begin-Module II (Ends 06/30/2017)
03/06/2017 Fall 2017 Class Schedule Available for Viewing on the Web
6/23/2017 Classes End - First Session
6/26/2017 Classes Begin - Second Session
7/3/2017 Classes Begin-Module III (Ends 07/14/2017)
7/4/2017 Independence Day Observed (No Classes)
7/17/2017 Deadline for Official Withdrawal of All Full Term Classes
See note below Deadline for Withdrawal of Second Session Classes
7/17/2017 Classes Begin-Module IV (Ends 07/28/2017)
7/28/2017 Official Closing of Summer Term
08/21/2017 First Day of Fall Term 2017 Classes

Deadlines for adding, dropping, and changing grading methods for short courses (courses which are not held for the entire length of term) are not listed above, but can be found at

Questions concerning registration dates and deadlines should be directed to the
Registration Help Center at: (room: WA 132, phone: 389-2252)

We're here to help!

A member of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System. Minnesota State University, Mankato is an Affirmative Action/ Equal Opportunity University. This document is available in alternative format to individuals with disabilities by calling the Office of the Registrar at 507-389-2252 (V), 800-627-3529 or 711 (MRS/TTY)                                                                                      REG1103DO REV. 10/09