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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

"Z" Grades

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Missing Grades (Z)

  • The grade of “Z” is issued as a placeholder to mark that no grade has been submitted yet by the instructor of record.
  • “Z” grades are an anomaly and should have grades submitted as soon as possible.
  • Students who have a “Z” grade on their record should contact the instructor to request that a grade be submitted to the Office of the Registrar.
  • In the absence of a grade, the “Z” automatically changes to “F” or “NC” by the start of the next semester.

Instructors can submit “Z” grades via E-Services/Grade Change. For additional information on changing “Z” grades, go to

For more information on the grading policy, go to

Questions concerning "Z" grades should be directed to

room:  WA 132; phone:  389-2577