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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Meal Plans

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Updated 9-23-2014:

2015-2016 Residents

     - Housing Options and Reservation Applications available online Wednesday, October 1.
     - Current Residents - Please see your Room Selection Schedule (Available October 1, 2014)
     - Meal Plans and Rates will be finalized in March 2015. As a reference, the options for the 2014-2015 academic year
       are listed below. Options and rates will likely increase.

2014-2015 Residents   

  - Contact the Residential Life Office or fill out forms available online to select or change meal plan
     for spring semester by January 23, 2015.

Meal Plans


(2015-2016 Meal Plan Selection Available February 1, 2015.) 
(Selection through E-Services is ONLY available through the
Sunday before Move-In Day.)


Off-Campus Meal Plans for 2014-2015

The meal plans listed below are offered by Residential Life to students who live off campus.
[PDF] 2014-2015 Meals Only Contract  (201 KiB).

Please visit the University Dining Services website for other commuting student meal plan options.  

Frequently Asked Dining Questions:  



Select or Request a Change to Your Meal Plan

  • 2014-2015 Fall semester residents of Crawford, Julia Sears, McElroy and Preska who have not chosen a meal plan by the Sunday before Move-In Day will be automatically assigned the Maverick 14 plan. Residents of Stadium Heights who have not chosen a meal plan by this date will automatically be assigned the Maverick Flex plan. Meal plan changes may be made through the Friday of the second week of classes. The first meal offered by University Dining Services for fall semester is lunch on the Friday before classes begin. 

    Fall semester 2014 residents may change their meal plan from Thursday, August 21 through Friday, September 5 using these two options:

  • Select Your 2014-2015 Meal Plan online using E-services (Available February 2014 through the Sunday before Move-In Day),
  • Change Your 2014-2015 Meal Plan online using E-services (Available February 2014 through the Sunday before Move-In Day),

After Sunday, August 17, 2014:

  • Complete this [PDF] Meal Plan Change Form (175 KiB) and bring it to the Residential Life office (111 Carkoski Commons), or
  • Submit your Meal Plan Change online.

    Changes made AFTER September 5, 2014 will take effect the following semester. Meal plan change requests after September 5 MUST be made in the Residential Life office or with the online Meal Plan Change Form; E-Services WILL NOT allow Meal Plan changes.

Request to Convert Meals to Flex Dollars

Students with a Maverick 160 Meal Plan can Request to Convert Meals to Flex Dollars  Convert any of the 160 meals a semester into Flex Dollars at a rate of $5.35 per meal, twice a semester (Beginning August 1, right before the start of the school year, until November 30 for fall semester and April 30 for spring semester).


Which Meal Plan Should I Choose?


(2015-2016 Meal Plan Selection Available February 1, 2015.)
(Selection through E-Services is ONLY available through the Sunday before Move-In Day.)


Miscellaneous Dining Questions

University Dining

The Department of Residential Life works closely with University Dining Services to ensure high-quality meals are available to campus residents. We provide a quality dining program that accommodates varied lifestyles and tastes. If you have questions or concerns please feel free to relay them to the Dining Services staff or to the Department of Residential Life.

University Dining Locations

Carkoski Dining Hall The Carkoski Dining Hall is located in Carkoski Commons between Crawford and McElroy. The dining center is an all-you-care-toeat area where students on a meal plan and other customers can enjoy a meal. The menu changes daily and offers a wide variety of entrees and daily favorites from which to choose. After you sign up for a meal plan, you can gain access to the dining hall by using your MavCARD. The Centennial Student Union (CSU) offers a wide variety of choices on two floors. Dining outlets accept cash, checks, credit card, MavCASH, and Flex Dollars. Hours of availability are posted in the CSU. Chet's Place is located in Carkoski Commons. Students are able to enjoy a convenience store and grill at this location. The 1872 Grill in Julia Sears features a grill, deli, and convenience store.

Dining Locations and Hours

The Department of Residential Life reserves the right to change serving hours.

Flex Dollars

All students living in the residence communities have Flex Dollars or meals that can be converted to Flex Dollars.  Once converted, Maverick 160 Flex Dollars may not be converted back to meals. (See the information under “Meal Plans” for the rules about converting meals to Flex Dollars.)

Using Flex Dollars, you can make purchases in all University Dining Services locations by presenting your MavCARD to the cashier. Your purchase is deducted from your account and your current balance is shown on the receipt, so it is easy for you to keep track of your money. If you are unsure of your current balance at any time, just ask a cashier to scan your card. Balances can be displayed without making a purchase.

Whenever your balance runs low, you can add Flex Dollars to your account. Depending on the Meal Plan, some Flex Dollar balances remaining at the end of Fall Semester will carry over to the spring semester, but do not carry over to the next academic year. Other Flex Dollar balances on the Maverick 160 plan remaining at the end of fall semester do not carry over to spring semester and do not carry over to the next academic year.

You are welcome to use your Flex Dollars to purchase a meal for your friends, however, you may not give your MavCARD to a friend to make purchases for you. University Dining Services cannot take responsibility for someone using a MavCARD that is lost or stolen.


If you have a friend or relative visiting you on campus, you may pay for their meals using your Flex Dollars. Cash, checks, and credit cards are also accepted at any of the dining facilities.

In-Room Meals

If you are sick and not able to come to the dining hall you may give your MavCARD to another student on a board plan to obtain a To-Go meal. That student will need to provide your MavCARD and his/her own MavCARD to the dining room manager.

To-Go Options

To-Go meals from the Carkoski Dining Hall are available to students on a meal plan whose classes, jobs, or athletic schedules do not enable them to eat during regular service hours. You can also use your Flex Dollars to purchase food items if you are unable to get to the dining hall when it is open.


We encourage you to share your suggestions and concerns regarding food service with the Carkoski Dining Hall manager at 507-389-1513.

University Dining Services Equipment and Serving Items

Dishes, silverware, glassware, and other equipment are the property of University Dining Services. These items may not be removed from the dining hall. Removal of these items constitutes theft and the student will be subject to disciplinary action.