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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Meal Plans & Dining Dollars

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How Do I Choose My Meal Plan?

What Are My Meal Plan Options?

What Are The Meal Plan Rates?

Which Meal Plan Should I Choose? 

Can I Change My Meal Plan?

What Are Dining Dollars?

What is the Difference Between Dining Dollars and MavCASH?

I have a Food Allergy. What Options Exist for Me?

Are Students Required to Have a Meal Plan?

Yes, the [PDF] Housing Contract (115 KiB) states that all contracts include board (meal plans). The Maverick 250 Dining Dollars meal plan may only be selected through September 7, 2018.  After that date has passed, the only students who can change to this plan are students living at Stadium Heights or students moving to Stadium Heights.

Choosing Your Meal Plan

Beginning February 1, students with a housing reservation for 2018-2019 may go online through E-services to choose their meal plan.

Students who do not select a meal plan by August 19, 2018 will be assigned the Maverick AnyTime Plan to start the school year, however students may change their meal plan until September 7, 2018.

Meal Plans for Students Living Off Campus

Residential Life offers meal plans for students who live off campus too!  Meal plans for off campus students remain in effect for ONE SEMESTER, giving students ultimate flexibility.

Spring 2018 Costs:

  • Maverick AnyTime $1,459 (includes 100 Dining Dollars)
  • Maverick 14 $1,508 (includes 200 Dining Dollars)
  • Maverick 160 $1,326 (includes 25 Dining Dollars and ability to convert meals to Dining Dollars)

Click here to purchase a Meals Only meal plan!

Requesting a Change to Your Meal Plan

Spring Semester 2018: Students who wish to change their meal plan for the spring semester will have an opportunity to do so between December 1, 2017 - January 19, 2018. Please note that only students moving to or living at Stadium Heights will have the ability to choose the Maverick 250 Dining Dollars plan.

Fall Semester 2018: Residents of Crawford, Julia Sears, McElroy, and Preska who have not chosen a meal plan by August 19, 2018 will automatically be assigned the Maverick AnyTime plan. Residents of Stadium Heights who have not chosen a meal plan by this date will automatically be assigned the Maverick 250 Dining Dollars plan. The first meal offered by University Dining Services for the Fall Semester is the New Student and Family Meal on Thursday, August 23 from 4-6 p.m. in the University Dining Center.

Fall 2018 residents may change their meal plan August 20 through September 7 using the Meal Plan Change Request Form.  This is the only time period that a student may change to the Maverick 250 Dining Dollars plan (we do not allow students to select this meal plan for the spring semester unless they are living at/moving to Stadium Heights).

Converting Meals to Dining Dollars (from the Maverick 160)

Students with a Maverick 160 Meal Plan can request to Convert Meals to Dining Dollars.

Convert any of the 160 meals a semester into Dining Dollars twice a semester (Beginning August 1 until November 30 for Fall Semester and April 30 for Spring Semester). The 2017 - 2018 conversion rate is $5.70 per meal.

Dining Dollars

All students living on campus have Dining Dollars or meals that can be converted to Dining Dollars.  Once converted, Maverick 160 Dining Dollars may not be converted back to meals.

Using Dining Dollars, you can make purchases in all University Dining Services locations by presenting your MavCARD to the cashier. Your purchase is deducted from your account and your current balance is shown on the receipt, so it is easy for you to keep track of your money. If you are unsure of your current balance at any time, just ask a cashier to scan your card. Balances can be displayed without making a purchase.

Whenever your balance runs low, you can add Dining Dollars to your account. Depending on the Meal Plan, some Dining Dollar balances remaining at the end of Fall Semester will carry over to the Spring Semester, but do not carry over to the next academic year. Dining Dollar balances on the Maverick 160 plan remaining at the end of Fall Semester do not carry over to Spring Semester and do not carry over to the next academic year.

Dining Dollars and MavCASH: There is a Difference

Food Allergies

Minnesota State University, Mankato is one of only two Minnesota universities listed in Allergic Living magazine's nationwide summary of universities that offer programs and menu options for students living with food allergies. Our dining partner, Sodexho, offers the Simple Servings program in our brand new, University Dining Center.

Simple Servings is our solution to proactively address most of the ingredients that account for 90 percent of all food-allergy reactions: milk, eggs, wheat, soy, shellfish, peanuts, and tree nuts. Simple Servings also recognizes the current skyrocketing demans for gluten-free foods, which certain students may require out of medical necessity or simply by choice. Simple Servings also appeals to students who prefer plain and simple foods and those with other health-related dietary concerns, such as Type 1 Diabetes.

With Simple Servings, students can comply with food allergy or other dietary concerns without feeling singled out. They won't have to go off campus for their meals or miss out on dining with their friends while waiting for the chef to specially prepare their meals.

The lunch and dinner menu change daily and include varied protein options: fish, beef, pork, chicken, and turkey. All side dishes are vegan, containing no milk, eggs, or meat products. Click here for more information on Simple Servings. You may also contact our Registered Dietician, Lexi Cournoyer, who can assist you and answer your questions.

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