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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Crawford Residence Community

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Crawford Residence Community BuildingCrawford houses 725 residents
on the north side of campus,
and is home of the
Maverick Mentor program
for first-year students. 







The four halls of Crawford (A, B, C, and D) offer a wide variety of housing in offers both renovated and basic room types. Outdoor recreational fields adjacent to Crawford include a large grass field, several basketball courts and a sand volleyball pit.

Living in Crawford, home of the Maverick Mentor Program, blends a socially active and academically focused environment. Active community councils, weekly floor activities and regular faculty led review sessions are typical in this community. In addition to the Community Advisor (CA), each floor has a Maverick Mentor. Mentors are upperclass students at MSU and assist residents in their academic transition to college. Creating study groups, having one-on-one conversations about academic goals and resources, planning faculty review sessions, and implementing several academic incentive and reward programs are just a few of the many ways Mentors and CAs contribute to the academic culture of Crawford. Both freshmen and upperclass students are invited to live on any floor in Crawford.

This community is adjacent to Carkoski Commons, providing indoor access to the Carkoski Dining Hall.

 Floor Maps: [PDF] 1 (140 KiB) [PDF] 2 (131 KiB) [PDF] 3 (152 KiB) [PDF] 4 (112 KiB) [PDF] Lower Level (51 KiB) 

Crawford Residence Community: 2014-2015

Hall and Floor Gender Rate Type Air Conditioning
A1 Female


A2 Male
A3 Female
A4 Male
B1 Male


B2 Female
B3 Male
B4 Female
Hall and Floor Gender Rate Type Air Conditioning
C1 Female


Kitchen & Lounge Only
C2 Male
C3 Female
C4 Male
D1 Male


D2 Female
D3 Male
D4 Female


If you would like to  request a printed version of this information, please let us know.  You can also download a PDF version of our 2014-2015 Explore Living on Campus brochure.