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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato

McElroy Residence Community

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McElroy provides housing for approximately 800 residents.





McElroy Housing:

  • E, F, and G hall basic double rooms house two residents; a limited number of other basic room types are available.
  • McElroy H hall renovated double rooms house two residents; a limited number of other renovated room types are available.
  • McElroy G is unique as the hall is co-ed by room and has two community bathrooms on each floor - one for men and one for women.
  • Renovated rooms and all kitchens and lounges are air-conditioned.
  • Students enrolled in a Learning Community are housed in either McElroy or Preska Residence Communities.
  • All rooms have cable and both wired and wireless Internet.
  • A laundry room is located in this community and also on each floor in G hall; no additional charge for laundry.


Click here to learn more about our community and room options through our online Explore Book!


This community is adjacent to Carkoski Commons providing indoor access to:

  • Carkoski Dining Hall
  • ReTech Services
  • Computer Lab
  • On-Campus Health Services and Pharmacy
  • Chet's Place Grill and Convenience Store
  • Residential Life Office

Also at this community:

  • Multi-purpose community space
  • Outdoor sand volleyball pit
  • Gathering space

Both freshmen and upperclass students are invited to live on any floor in Crawford.  

Any interested student may request to live on one of the co-ed floors in McElroy Residence Community. Just like the other floor communities on campus, programs and activities on the co-ed floors reflect the interests of floor members except that both men and women are a part of these communities. Men and women are assigned to alternating rooms, and there are separate bathrooms on the floor for men and women.

 Floor Maps: [PDF] 1 (250 KiB) [PDF] 2 (319 KiB) [PDF] 3 (338 KiB) [PDF] 4 (256 KiB) [PDF] Lower Level (182 KiB)


McElroy Residence Community: 2015-2016

Hall and Floor Gender Rate Type Air Conditioning
E1 Female


Kitchen & Lounge Only
E2 Male
E3 Female
E4 Male
F1 Male


Kitchen & Lounge Only
F2 Female
F3 Male
F4 Female
Hall and Floor Gender Rate Type Air Conditioning
G1 Co-Ed


Kitchen & Lounge Only
G2 Co-Ed
G3 Co-Ed
G4 Co-Ed
H1 Male


H2 Female
H3 Male
H4 Female


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