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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Living in McElroy

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Updated 4-1-2015

Welcome to the McElroy Residence Community

We hope you will find the information below helpful as you prepare to arrive in your room in McElroy!

Room Key

Your room key opens your room door, your mailbox, and the community bathroom door.


Your room key opens your room door, your mailbox, and the community bathroom door.

Bed and Mattress

Your bed should be set in the lofted position when you arrive. Loft Set-Up Instructions.  All bed components must remain in your room. An additional bed guard may be requested by submitting a Maintenance Request.

Desk and Dresser

One desk and one dresser is provided per resident. Furniture may have lockable drawers. Use padlocks (which you supply) to lock these spaces.


A chair is provided for each resident.

Room Temperature Control

To let us know of a heating or cooling concern, please complete a maintenance request.

Cooling and Heating: Forced Air

In the cooling season ( typically from April 1st through mid October), the system provides cooled air in basic and renovated halls lounges, kitchens and other public areas.  In the heating season (typically from mid-October to April 1), the system provides warm air.

Cable Television

Each bedroom is equipped with one cable television jack. Please refer to the “Cable Television System” section of the Residential Life Student Guide for more information on accessing the cable television system.


There is one internet jack per student. Wireless internet access is available in public areas of the building (lobby, floor lounges, floor kitchens and laundry rooms). Please refer to the Residence Hall Internet Connection Guide for more information on accessing the internet from your room.

Community Bathrooms

Community bathrooms are found on all Crawford, McElroy and Preska I Hall floors.  Community Bathrooms are to be used by men only or women only as posted.

Laundry Rooms

Laundry facilities are in one location if you live in McElroy E, F, and G Halls. McElroy H has a laundry room located on each floor. Laundry rooms remain locked and are accessible to McElroy residents with their MavCARD. Use of laundry machines is included in your room rate. These washing machines work best with high efficiency (HE) liquid detergent. If you are using powdered laundry detergent, use only ¼ of the amount specified on the box.

Card Access to Other Floor Communities

McElroy residents may access their hall exterior doors into their building with their MavCARD.

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Please be aware that the information above may change.