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Updated 5-26-2015:

Information may change closer to date; check back for updates.

Early Arrival requests for Spring 2016 may be entered beginning in October 2015.

Fall Semester Move-In Day is Thursday, August 20. Students may also arrive Friday, August 21 and throughout the weekend.

Approval to check in to the residence communities BEFORE Thursday, August 20 requires a documented, University-related reason to arrive early. If you are taking part in international student orientation, participating in an athletic program starting before August 20, or are employed in a role critical to the opening of the fall semester and you need to arrive early, please submit your request online below. You will be notified by e-mail at the address you include in your application if we have approved your request. If approved, the e-mail will also include check-in instructions and details of any cost you might incur in arriving early.

If you need to check in for a reason not listed above, please include the details of your circumstances and your request will be evaluated. We will notify you of our decision by e-mail within four business days.

We will consider early arrival requests only for students who currently have a housing reservation.

Dates Early Arrival requests are accepted:

Community Advisor (CA): May 1 - August 1

International Student Orientation: May 1 - August 1

Athletics: August 1 - August 15

On-Campus Employment: August 1 - August 15

Reason for Early Arrival:





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