Expanded Housing

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Due to Minnesota State Mankato’s excellent faculty, academic programs and facilities, the University is increasing! Due to this growing popularity, there is more demand for residence community living than there is space available. Expanded housing will be utilized, offering temporary living arrangements in the residence communities until permanent spaces become available.

Based on the number of standard residence community spaces available, your room preferences, and the date of your housing application, many students have been assigned a space in Expanded Housing for this fall. Expanded Housing is temporary—as soon as a permanent residence community room becomes available, students will be assigned a permanent living space on campus.

Expanded housing accommodations are located throughout Crawford, McElroy, Preska, and Stadium Heights residence communities. The amount of time spent in Expanded Housing varies from student to student. Our experience during high-occupancy years indicates that most students assigned to Expanded Housing will be assigned to a permanent space within the first eight weeks of the semester.  However, some students will stay in their Expanded Housing space until the end of fall semester.

Housing costs for all students are calculated on a weekly basis. Students in Expanded Housing are charged the weekly prorated fee for the room type to which they are assigned.  When assigned to a permanent space or when the room reverts back to the regular room type (e.g. when the third person leaves the triple and the room is again a double room) students' housing charges will be recalculated to reflect the rate of the new room type for the remaining weeks of the semester.  Therefore, students in Expanded Housing should expect to see an increase change in their housing charges after moving to a permanent space, the amount dependent upon the permanent room type assigned and the number of weeks left in the semester.

We recognize that students with an assignment in expanded housing may have many questions and concerns regarding their temporary assignment. The Department of Residential Life is committed to providing a positive housing experience for all students. However, we understand that those students may wish to pursue other options rather than Expanded Housing. Students assigned to expanded housing who decide to arrange for other housing options, can cancel their reservation and we will provide a complete refund of their housing prepayment paid to date. Call us at 507-389-1011 or email us at reslife@mnsu.edu for more information.


Six Room Types Within Expanded Housing

Converted Study Room/Lounge
Up to four students occupy Converted Study Rooms/Lounges.  Every attempt has been made to furnish these rooms like standard residential rooms.  They are private, lockable spaces.  Converted Study Rooms/lounges are carpeted and air conditioned. While providing essentially the same environment as regular residential rooms, these rooms may have less closet and drawer space and do not have a sink. We recommend students bring fewer items than one would for a standard room until you are assigned to a permanent room.  The fall semester (16 week) rate for these rooms is $2,265.

Modified Double Rooms
These rooms house two students and are located between Crawford A and B Halls and between McElroy E and F Halls.  They are set up with two lofted beds, dressers, desks, desk chairs, and moveable wardrobes (closets).  However, there is no sink in these rooms.  These spaces are air conditioned and carpeted.  Both students will be reassigned from these spaces to permanent rooms during the semester.  The fall semester (16 week) rate for these rooms is $2,265.

Apartment Double Rooms
Students living in Stadium Heights Apartment Double Rooms share the apartment living unit with four other students and share their bedroom with one other student.  Rooms are furnished with two lofted twin beds with extra-long (80") mattresses, two dressers, two writing tables, two chairs, and closet space.  Living spaces in the apartments are furnished with a couch and chairs, coffee table, end table, full-size refrigerator/freezer with ice-maker, electric range, and dishwasher.  One student in each Apartment Double Room will be designated for reassignment during the semester, and one student will be designated to stay in the room permanently, based on application date and room preferences.  The fall semester (16 week) rate for these rooms is $2,505.

Discounted Apartment Bedroom
Students living in Stadium Heights Discounted Apartment Bedroom have a single bedroom but share the apartment with four other students.  Students are not required to move from these spaces during the semester, but the rate for the room is discounted only for the time four other students occupy the apartment. The fall semester (16 week) rate for these rooms is $2,966.

Located in Crawford, McElroy, and Preska, three students live in Triple Rooms.  In these spaces, a double room has been converted to house three students.  Each Triple Room has two bunked and one lofted bed with extra-long (80") mattresses, desk space, three chairs, three dressers/drawers, and closet space.  We recommend students in these rooms bring significantly fewer items than one would for a standard room until one student has been assigned to a permanent room and the room is converted back to a double room.  Additional furniture, including futons, small couches, loveseats, and additional chairs, will NOT fit in these rooms.  One student in each Triple Room will be designated for reassignment during the semester, and two students will be designated to stay in the room permanently, based on application date and room preferences.  The fall semester (16 week) rate for these rooms is $1,882.

Basic or Renovated Double Room with a Student Staff Member
Students living in these spaces will live with a student staff member (Community Advisor, Mentor, or Learning Community Coordinator) in a regular Basic or Renovated Double Room in Crawford, McElroy, or Preska.  These assignments, however, are temporary and the student will be reassigned by or at the end of the semster.  The rates for these rooms are the regular Basic and Renovated Double Room rates for fall semester: $2,265 for Basic Double and $2,505 for a Renovated Double.


Expanded Housing FAQ

How long will I be living in my temporary assignment?
Most students will receive a permanent assignment within eight weeks. However some students will remain in their temporary assignment until the end of fall semester and will move for spring semester.

What does Expanded Housing cost?
Your housing costs are calculated on a weekly basis.  You will pay the rate for the Expanded Housing room type for the time you are in that room.  When you are reassigned to your permanent room, your housing bill will be realculated to reflect the rate of your new room type for the remaining weeks of the semester.  If you are designated to stay in your current room, your weekly rate will convert to the regular room type for that room (e.g. Triple converts back to a Double, Apartment Double converts back to Apartment Single) for the remaining weeks of the semester when the person in your room who is designated to move completes their move.

If I remain in my temporary space for the full fall semester, what priority do I get for spring semester?
You will be given priority assignment status for the spring semester.

Who will be my roommate(s)?
The Expanded Housing spaces in the residence communities range from double to five- person occupancy. This means you could have anywhere from 1-4 other students as roommates while living in Expanded Housing. The names and contact information of your roommates will be available online at mnsu.edu/reslife after your Expanded Housing assignment has been finalized.

Can my roommates and I stay together when we move out of our temporary space?
We will attempt to preserve roommate pairs, however, open spaces typically do not occur as two open spaces in a double room.

Will I get assistance when I need to move?
If you cannot provide your own transportation and you are assigned to a community in another area on campus, we will provide curb-to-curb transport of your belongings.

Will I receive my first preference for permanent housing?
While we will take your housing preferences into consideration during the reassignment process, our priority is to provide students with permanent assignments. The location of vacant spaces across campus will determine your new assignment.

Can I remain in my temporary space instead of accepting a permanent space?
Unfortunately, we are not able to allow you to stay in your temporary space once a permanent space becomes available for you.

Where will my mail go?
You will be given a temporary mailbox at the front desk of your assigned residence community. Your mailing address is available online with your room assignment.

Will I have access to amenities found in the residence communities?
Yes, you will have access to all of the services provided to permanent residents including:
- Laundry room usage
- Public space usage
- DVD rental
- Ice machines
- Carkosk Dining Hall, Chet's Place, and Convenience Stores
- Cable TV
- Wired and Wireless Internet

Am I part of a floor community?
YES! You will be living on a floor with other residents. You will be part of the larger floor and residence community. A Community Advisor will be living on your floor and will be available to assist you with any concerns or questions you may have while living in Expanded Housing.

Students residing in temporary space in the residence communities are responsible for understanding and abiding by Department of Residential Life policies. A Residential Life Student Guide will be provided to all students in their room when they arrive.

Additional questions?
Please contact our office by email at reslife@mnsu.edu or by phone at 507-389-1011.