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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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Room Selection Info

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  • During Room Selection, rooms are selected on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • On Wednesday, April 10 priority students (those who reserved housing by March 4) received an e-mail that contains their Room Selection timeslot.
  • Students who have joined a Learning Community will not receive a timeslot, as rooms are being assigned to ensure students get on the correct floor for the Learning Community.
  • Students with the first timeslots will begin selecting their rooms on April 15. Timeslots will continue to open every hour from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. until April 18 (at which all timeslots will be open). For the best availability, it is to your advantage to select your room when your timeslot opens up.
  • Timeslots will remain open for two weeks. They will automatically close 14 days after opening so use your timeslot or you will be assigned a room based on your preferences.
  • Don't see what you're looking for when your timeslot opens? If you don't see what you like, you may choose from the available rooms or wait for us to assign you to a space after your timeslot has closed.

March 4 Priority Deadline

While we don't have a housing deadline, we encourage students to submit their application, prepayment, and signed Housing Contract by March 4 to be eligible to choose their roommate and room. Students with incomplete reservations (missing prepayment, unsigned Housing Contract) or students who reserve housing after March 4 will be assigned a room and roommate during the months of May-July.

You may change anything on your housing application until you have a room assignment (room type preferences, etc.) Changes to your application do not affect your timeslot (as your timeslot is based on the date you completed your housing reservation).

Roommate Matching

Roommate Matching is available to students who meet the March 4 priority deadline. Between March 4-April 4, priority students will be able to access the roommate matching feature in the Housing & Dining Portal. After April 4, the roommate matching feature in the housing portal will be turned off. If you are hoping to make a match with a roommate, you must do this by the end of the day on April 4.

Roommate Information

Information about your new roommate will be available in the Housing & Dining Portal when you have received one. If you do not see a roommate listed, it means you haven't received one yet.

Wish List Requests

During the summer we will receive a small number of cancellations. Requests to fill those spaces may be submitted by adding your name to the Wish List, however very few students will be able to move based on limited available spaces. Click here to access the Wish List (will be available Monday, June 3, 2019).

Factors that will impact the success of your Wish List request include:

  • The date and time you submitted your request.
  • The details of your specific request.
  • Your willingness to move independently of a preferred roommate.
  • The spaces available at the time your request is considered.

If we are able to accommodate your wish, we will notify you by email. IMPORTANT - once we change your room assignment, your former room becomes immediately available to other students and you will not have the option to change it back to your former assignment.

Room Selection Instructions

Watch our video (below) or view step-by-step instructions.

To select your room, log in to the Housing & Dining Portal when your timeslot opens and click on the heading ROOM SELECTION. You will see a list of all the room types that are available. Find the room type that you would like and click 'Select'.

Once you select a room type, it will show you a list of available rooms. Select the room(s) that you wish to have. Pay close attention to whether or not there are already roommates assigned to the room. Once you have clicked 'Add to Cart', scroll down and click 'Save & Continue'.

To place yourself and your group in a suite or apartment, you may select multiple rooms from the same suite/apartment by clicking 'Add to Cart' beneath each room in the suite/apartment. Example:

  • Julia Sears 101A is in the same suite as Julia Sears 101B.
  • Stadium Heights 721 101A is in the same apartment as Stadium Heights 721 101B.
  • Crawford D 315D is in the same suite as Crawford D 315S.

This page allows you to select a bed space for you and each member of your Roommate Group. Using this page, you may assign group members to specific rooms to ensure that the correct roommate pairings are placed together. Select a bed space from the dropdown menu beneath each student. Once you have assigned all the group members, click 'Assign Beds'.

Important Notes:

  • If you do not assign a member of your group, that student will need to log in to assign themselves.
  • We cannot hold empty spaces for potential future roommates. If a space is empty in your room/suite, other students will have the opportunity to reserve that space.
  • Pay close attention to the beds that are available.

After finalizing bed assignment, you will see a confirmation page. Review the information. including who is assigned to each room. Once you are satisfied with the selections. click 'Save & Continue'.

Important: Once you 'Save & Continue' from the Confirmation page, you cannot change your Room Selection.