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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Finding a Roommate

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We are commonly asked "How do students find roommates?"

At Minnesota State Mankato, there are three ways in which students can find a roommate:
Here's a few facts about roommates on our campus:
  • Most new students live with someone they have never met before.
    • Research shows that you are just as likely to have a successful roommate relationship with someone you've just met as you are with a friend.
  • Facebook profiles are not always an accurate indicator of what a person is like in real life.
    • We've observed that students tend to post pictures and statuses of the dramatic and exciting moments in their life. What you don't see is the routine things in their life such as doing homework, having dinner with their family, and brushing their teeth. Be careful about rushing to judgment about your roommate based on Facebook. What do you have posted on your page? Will this create an accurate impression for your future roommate?

Requesting a Specific Person as Your Future Roommate

If you know that you want to live with a specific person, there are a few things you need to do:

  1. Request that person on your Housing Reservation Application.
    • In order to be assigned to the same room as this person, EACH student must write in each other's Minnesota State Mankato TechID (Student ID) and the requested roommate's first and last name on their Housing Reservation Application. If you applied for housing online, you can log back in anytime by May 20, 2017 and add this person's information to your housing application. If you have applied on our paper copy of the Housing Reservation Application, you should notify us in writing via email making sure to include the other student's first and last name and TechID.
    • Please note that both students must have returned their Housing Reservation Application, Housing Contract, and $250 prepayment by May 20, 2017 in order to be matched as roommates!
  2. The deadline to request a roommate is May 20, 2017. We cannot guarantee that we will be honor to roommate requests made after this date.

Finding a Roommate Using RoomSync

Students choosing to live on-campus, may use the RoomSync app on Facebook. Once inside, students can fill out their lifestyle preferences such as preferred bedtime, visitor frequency, etc. and describe their ideal roommate. They then search for roommates at MSU by referring to lifestyle preferences and Facebook profile information. Users can also search for a specific word in a profile like 'soccer', or by academic major and preferred residence community. RoomSync is free and available to students who have made a Minnesota State Mankato on-campus housing reservation for next year. Using RoomSync is optional and not a requirement.

Roommate matches made on RoomSync are UNOFFICIAL and are NOT automatically added to the Minnesota State University, Mankato Housing Reservation Application. It is each student's responsibility to request each other to make the RoomSync match official.

RoomSync users are responsible for requesting each other as roommates. If you applied for housing online, you can log back in anytime by May 20, 2017 and add this person's information to your Housing Reservation Application. If you have applied on our paper copy of the Housing Reservation Application, you should notify us in writing via email making sure to include the other student's first and last name and TechID.

Using RoomSync

1.  Select appropriate link above or login to Facebook.

2.  Search for "RoomSync" and click on the blue "Go to App" button.

3.  Click "Allow" to give the app permission to access your information. (This is how you and your potential roommate matches will begin to learn more about each other, through the information posted on Facebook.  If you have privacy settings that limit the information you share, your potential matches will only be allowed to see the information you do not have blocked).

4.  Type your name exactly as it appears on Facebook in the box provided. The application is case-sensitive and particular (don't include any extra spaces before or after your name).

5.  Click on the blue button "I Agree to U-Match Terms."

6.  In the "Join a Network Community" box type and select Minnesota State Mankato.

7.  Select the appropriate "Sub-Network, " either first-year student or upperclass/returning/transfer student.

8.  The passcode for Minnesota State Mankato is 2017.

9.  In the "Select a Room Type" box choose "Any Room Type." (You may preference a more specific room type in a later question.)

10.  Click the blue "Next" button.

11.  Enter your Lifestyle Preferences and Ideal Roommate Information and click the blue "Next" button  at the bottom of the page.    

12.  Select your Major(s) and click the blue "Next" button.

13.  Follow prompts. 

14.  When you get to the final page, click the blue "Find a Roommate" button and start searching.

RoomSync FAQ

I don't have a Facebook account. Can I still use RoomSync?

If you want to use the RoomSync application to find a roommate, you must have a Facebook account.

I want to live in a Learning Community.  Can I still use RoomSync?

You can still use RoomSync to find your roommate.  You and your potential roommate must be qualified for the same Learning Community.

How will I know if someone would like to be my roommate?

If a student is interested in being roommates with you, the person places a request in RoomSync.  RoomSync then sends you an email with the person's name, a link to that person's profile, and a roommate request.  You should check out the requestor's profile and if you think this person would be a good match, accept their roommate request and let our office know.

Roommate Assignment by Department

Students who do not submit a roommate request by May 20, 2017 will automatically be assigned a roommate by our department. When making roommate assignments, the three criteria we look at are gender, age, and smoking preference. Although the Minnesota State Mankato residence communities are smoke-free, we attempt to assign non-smokers to separate rooms when requested.

Timeline for Room and Roommate Assignment

Our process for assigning rooms and roommates begins in late May and extends up until the residence halls open on August 17, 2016.

  • We first assign students to rooms based on the preferences listed on their Housing Reservation Application. On June 20, 2017 we will begin releasing room assignments on E-services to students who have been assigned a room. Please know that we start assigning rooms to students who applied first (beginning October 1) and continue working on these in the order they were received so if you don't see your room assignment right away, don't panic. When a room assignment has been made, we will send you a postcard in the mail notifying you that you can look up your room assignment.
  • We will begin releasing roommate assignments on July 20, 2017 on E-services. Again, please be patient if you do not see your roommate assignment on July 20. A number of factors could contribute to it not being available yet.

Residential Life collaborates with the LGBT Center to offer roommate matching services for LGBTQIA students. If you're interested in finding an LGBTQI-friendly roommate, please fill out this form so that we may help pair you with another student who has the same interest. Students who choose to take advantage of this service still need to complete the housing application process (as described above).

Please note that completing the form does not guarantee a positive living experience, however it may help provide an environment that is friendly to your gender and sexual identity. Also, you may experience some wait time between filling out the form and getting information about a potential roommate depending upon how many students choose to be paired through this service.