New Housing Options 2014-2015

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Minnesota State Mankato attendance is growing as a direct result of our excellent faculty, academic programs and facilities.  Due to this growing popularity, there is more demand for residence community living. In response to this demand we have created additional room types you may be interested in choosing on your room selection preferences!  Requests placed by May 20, 2014 will have higher priority for these room types.

New housing accommodations are located throughout Crawford, McElroy, Preska, and Stadium Heights residence communities. Housing costs for these additional room options can be found at 2014-2015 Room Rates.

Based on the number of standard residence community spaces available, your room preferences, and the date of your housing application, some students may also be assigned a space in one of these new housing options for fall 2014-2015. These new spaces will be assigned as permanent living spaces on campus.

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New Room Types Beginning Fall 2014-2015 at Minnesota State Mankato:

Triple Rooms

These rooms house three students and are located in Crawford B and C Halls and McElroy F and G Halls. In these spaces, a Superdouble room has been converted to house three students. Each Triple Room has two bunked and one lofted bed with extra-long (80") mattresses, desk space, three chairs, three dressers/drawers, and closet space. Sinks are located in each room and renovated spaces are air conditioned. 

The academic year rate for a:
Basic Triple Room is $4,379
Renovated Triple Room is $4,909

Full-Bath Doubles and Singles in a 3-Person Suite

Located in Crawford A, B, C, and D Halls, McElroy E, F, G, and H Halls, and in Preska I Hall these rooms house three students. In these spaces, a Full-Bath Suite has been converted to house three students. Each Double Room has two lofted beds and each Single Room has one lofted bed with extra-long (80") mattresses. Each room has desk space, chairs, dressers/drawers, and closet space for each residents. Full-Bath Suites have a full-bathroom with exclusive use for these three residents. Renovated spaces are air conditioned. 

The academic year rate for a:
Basic Full-Bath Double Room is $4,892
Basic Full-Bath Single Room is $6,337

Renovated Full-Bath Double Room is $5,401
Renovated Full-Bath Single Room is $7,170

Double and Single Rooms in a 5-Person Apartment

Students living in Stadium Heights 5-Person Apartment Double and Single Rooms share the apartment living unit with four other students. Double Room residents share their bedroom with one other student.  Double Rooms are furnished with two lofted twin beds with extra-long (80") mattresses, two dressers, two writing tables, two chairs, and closet space.  Single Rooms are furnished with a full-size (unlofted) standard-length bed, a dresser, writing table, chair and closet space.  Living spaces in the apartments are furnished with a couch and chairs, coffee table, end table, full-size refrigerator/freezer, electric range, and dishwasher. 

The academic year rate for:
Double Room in a 5-Bedroom Apartment is $5,332
Single Room in a 5-Bedroom Apartment is $6,319


Room Change Requests 

We recognize that students with an assignment in one of our new housing option locations may have many questions regarding their assignment. The Department of Residential Life is committed to providing a positive housing experience for all students; Students assigned one of these options may, like all of our residents, request a room change prior to moving to campus. Additionally, all residents may request a room change during Room Change Days approximately two weeks into fall semester.

Additional questions?
Please contact our office by email at or by phone at 507-389-1011.