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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Bathrooms (Community)

Community bathrooms are found on all Crawford, McElroy and Preska I Hall floors.  Community Bathrooms are to be used by men only or women only as posted. Utilizing a bathroom of the opposite gender is considered misuse of University facilities. Public rest rooms are available in each lobby.

Community bathroom diagram   We provide this diagram as community bathrooms are not shown on campus tours in order to respect the privacy of our residents.

Bicycle Storage

Bicycle racks are located near entrances of each residence community. In addition, bicycles may be kept in student rooms. Bicycles may not be stored in hallways, laundry facilities, lounges or floor kitchens. Students will be held responsible for any damage caused by their bicycles; therefore, exercise caution in bringing them into buildings. The University assumes no responsibility for the theft of or damage to, any personal property. This includes bicycles. Bikes left in other areas may be removed and stored by the University. Bicycles left at the end of the academic year will be considered abandoned property and will be removed by the University.

Carkoski Commons

Carkoski Commons connects Crawford, McElroy and Preska residence communities and houses the Residential Life offices, Chet's Place Grill and convenience store, Student Health Services, Health Education, ResTech Services, computer lab, MavPrint station  and the Carkoski Dining Hall. The RHA and NRHH offices are also located in this building.
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Cooking Facilities

Food can be prepared in the air-conditioned kitchen located on every floor in Crawford, McElroy, Julia Sears and Preska. Floor kitchen amenities include a sink, microwave, stove/oven, table and chairs. Stadium Heights kitchens include a sink, stove/oven, dishwasher and seating.
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Crawford, Julia Sears, McElroy and Preska Residence Communities have elevators essential to the operation of the residence halls.  Misuse is strictly prohibited and disciplinary actions will be taken against anyone "misusing" an elevator.  A malfunctioning elevator should be reported immediately to the front desk.  If stranded in an elevator, do not climb out.  Use the emergency alarm or telephone to request assistance from University personnel.

Ice Machines

Ice machines are located in the Crawford, McElroy, Julia Sears and Preska Residence Communities. There is no additional charge for ice.

Kitchen (See Cooking Facilities)


Washer and dryer use is included in your room and board rate. Manufacturers recommend the use of liquid "he" approved detergent for our equipment.  3-in-1 detergent-softeners are not allowed.

Clothes washers and dryers are available in the following locations:

Crawford: Lower level laundry room (use stairwell across form C Hall entrance)
Julia Sears: On each floor
McElroy: Lower level laundry room and on each floor
Preska: Lower level laundry room and on each floor
Stadium Heights: Third floor laundry room

More about laundry, how to access, how to request maintenance and additional information. 


There is an air-conditioned lounge on every floor in Crawford, McElroy, Julia Sears, and Preska.  Lounge amenities include chairs, couches, tables and chairs, and a wipe-off board.
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Motorcycle Storage

Motorized bicycles, mopeds, or other motorized vehicles are not allowed in the residence halls at any time. A personal assistive mobility device (e.g. motorized wheelchair, Segway, etc.) may only be used in order to accommodate a disability or on University business or to be moved directly to and from storage or recharging areas. Outdoor parking is available on a limited basis in designated areas.


Residents of Crawford, McElroy, Julia Sears and Preska:
Motor vehicles may be parked in designated University parking areas after being officially registered with the University. Permits may be obtained at The Cashier's Office (128 Wigley Administration Center). Students are not permitted to plug their automobile into any residence hall room or outside building outlets.  Residents can puchase "Green" permits to park their cars in designated lots.

Most residence hall students are allowed to park their cars in parking lots immediately adjacent to or near the residence halls. A Parking and Traffic Regulations booklet is available and contains important information about parking at Minnesota State Mankato.

One-day visitor parking permits for guests who are not Minnesota State Mankato students are available from the front desk of Crawford, Julia Sears, McElroy and Preska.

Residents of Stadium Heights:
Motor vehicles with a Stadium Heights parking permit may be parked in designated parking areas on the Stadium Heights property. Residents of Stadium Heights may request a permit through the Property Owner office. Students are not permitted to plug in their automobile to any Stadium Heights indoor or outdoor building outlet.

Information about guest parking at Stadium Heights is available from the Property Owner office.

Residents leaving Stadium Heights must return their Stadium Heights permit to the Property Owner office. Residents moving to Stadium Heights are required to return their "Green" permit to the Cashier's office (if applicable). A prorated refund will be issued.

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Pay Phones

Pay telephones are located in teh Crawford and McElroy main hallways near the vending machines.


All University-owned furnishings must remain ni the assigned student space. The Department of Residential Life does not provide storage space outside your room for personal belongings.Off-campus storage of University property is prohibited.