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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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There is no charge to use the washers and dryers in the residence communities. Just bring your dirty laundry and detergent and you'll be ready to go!

Review the Laundry Locations

Note that all residents of Crawford, McElroy, and Preska have access to the All-Resident Laundry Room located in the lower level of Preska! It features modern amenities, computer kiosks, soft seating, tables and chairs, and a television.

Lower level near the Crawford Lobby.
All-Resident Laundry Room is located in the lower level. All halls also have a laundry room on each floor.
Lower level near the McElroy Lobby.  McElroy H also has a laundry room on each floor.
Julia Sears
Laundry is located on each floor.
Stadium Heights
Laundry is located on the 3rd floor in all buildings except for 705 (which is located on the 1st floor).

Consider Time

Washers take approximately 45 minutes per load. Dryers take approximately 45 minutes per load.

Bring the Supplies You Will Need

'he' approved liquid laundry detergent is recommended for our machines.

Do NOT use 3-in-1 detergent-softener sheets as they will damage the machine.

What To Do If A Machine Is Not Working

PLEASE report a service issue by:
  1. Take note of the machine ID number
  2. Report the service issue by submitting a maintenance request.
  3. Be as specific as possible! Write "washing machine does not spin out clothes completely." vs "washing machine is not working."

Tips to Using the Machines

Lost and Found Laundry 

During the year, lost property is turned into the Front Desk of the community in which the property was found. The property is then tagged and turned over to University Security. Any personal items discovered in the residence halls after a student has terminated his/her contract or left the residence halls are turned over to University Security.