Running out of Dining Dollars and need to purchase more? You can stop by the Residential Life Office and purchase more ($5 minimum) or you may purchase them online in $100 increments from Dining Services!

         Check out the Carkoski Menu page to see what the chefs have cooking up for you! Scroll down the page to find your preferred menu.

Mark Your Calendar

Week 10 is Upon Us


Have you heard about MAV Gold? Attend academic programs on your floor to receive MAV Gold!

Registration is coming up!  Do you know when your registration window opens?  Click here for more information!

A helpful tool for picking out classes is the class schedule builder!

Turning to drugs or alcohol after a bad exam will only make your academic stress worse.

4 Easy Steps to Winning the Keurig or Pico Projector

Not registered to win yet?  No worries - just follow these 4 easy steps!

1.      Login to your MavMAIL.

2.      In your inbox, look for the email that says "Residential Life Survey" and click on it.

3.      Once the email is open, click on the link in the email to take the survey.

4.      Complete the survey.  You're now entered to win these fabulous prizes!

If you Want to Live in the Same Room Next Year - Read This!

If you really like where you are currently living and want to live there again next year, you may reserve your room for the 2017-2018 academic year beginning next Monday on E-services!  October 31-November 6 is your window of time to select this space if you want it again next year (after this window passes, others can reserve your room).

Did you know you can hold a space in your room for another current student who has not yet reserved a room for next year? To do that, you will need to enter your requested roommate's name and TechID into your housing reservation application.  When your requested roommate logs in to E-services to apply, they will see that they have an invitation from you.  Requested roommate spaces will be held until May 20 and will only be honored if the requested roommate submits all of their housing materials by this deadline (which includes their housing reservation application, a signed Housing Contract, and their $250 prepayment).


Night of the Living Fed is Wednesday!


Photo Booth * Free Candy * Fun Food * Scary Decorations * Wear your Costumes!